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    2002 Yamaha DT 125R
  1. Ive found a carb for £40 so going to pick that up tomorrow.
  2. Ok thank you great info il have a look for a carb i think as mine isnt looking in the best condition anyway. Also my bike was running fine the other day its only just started doing this and i havnt touched any thing.
  3. Is there anything else i can try?
  4. Will i be able to get to it from inside the carb?
  5. Ahh the heads rounded off on that one it wont budge.
  6. Ive tried the screw it just made the idle go up. There is defo no air leaks ive made sure of that.
  7. More problems with my DT lol and need help as im learning slowly. Basically when you rev it the revs drop back down slow, ive tried wd40 round the cylinder head and inlet manifold and ive cleaned the carb but still no joy. Has anyone had this problem before?
  8. Did you take the magneto cover off to make sure its spinning? Sounds like mine and my woodruff key has broke just waiting on a new one.
  9. The woodruff key has broke the flywheel spins on the crankshaft.
  10. Ok my mate is going to bring his impact gun home tomorrow s o will do it with that. Where can i get s woodruff key from? Thanks.
  11. Ok so ive had it all in bits, piston and ring looked fine so i put gasket seal on the head gasket and put it all back together then took carb off and give it a good clean. It felt better but still wouldnt start so i took the fly wheel cover off to find its the woodruff key : ( how do i get the nut off the crank when the fly wheel spins on the crank? Ps i know im an idiot lol.
  12. Yes theres a good blue spark there. Im starting to think head gasket?
  13. Put a new plug in and it wont even try to start, i took the new plug out after trying and it was soaking wet through and it smelt of petrol???
  14. Also is the back firing a sign of anything as it does it as soon as it tries to start and cuts out and it back fires when you try to start it if it dosnt start?
  15. Ok will do after work then il report back. Thanks.
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