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  1. Are you on Linked In, he appears to be on that...
  2. Small world, I'm from Bangor although I moved near Glasgow a few years ago.
  3. Ignore other drivers, there are plenty of other pumps. As Tasky says, don't put the nozzle to far into the neck of the tank. I tend to angle the nozzle so that the fuel swirls round into the tank, seems to work best for me. I wouldn't worry about adjusting the position of the bike though, wouldn't want to risk any spillage etc.
  4. maybe its for the best... I may have been tempted to go for one of the bigger models.... at least now there is only one I have to stop myself from looking at...
  5. Random question... Have Yamaha stopped selling XVSs other than the 1300s?
  6. Whilst it sounds like the source of your wobble might have been diagnosed already... if it somehow turns out not to be tyre related, then do you have a back box fitted? If so, it may be positioned too far back. Mine is adjustable and I had to move it forward due to a wobble.
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