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  1. i want to put a twin disco on the front of my xj 750j anyone know what yolks will fit so i can change them to get rid of the air forks and add twin disc thanx
  2. hi i have the xj 750j been told its not the seca or maxim but looks like both to me im in the middle of rebuilding it and i am after a few good parts so if ya know of any plz messege me many thanx
  3. hi people i am desperaltly after a xj 750 head i also need a set of carbs or 2 slides with good diaframs.also has anyone got a set of to yolks with the clamps so i can replace the horrible clip on apes with a nicer set.i will need lots of other bits i will ask when i get to them.plz mail me on here or my email addy is [email protected] appretiated
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