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  1. yeah would really like to watch a few people work over a bike to learn from, as i have no idea but now i got a workshop manual i'll take a look.. and if i need new parts i know where to go online now.. lol great advice guys, thanks
  2. Hey guys, thanks for all the answers and a great welcome! Have a good week
  3. Hey everyone, good to be here! recently started riding a 2002 125 XVS Dragstar for last 2 months, its my 1st ever bike and really enjoying it! and because its im new to bikes i'll have to apologise for all the questions ahead of time! I think its running well, timing might be out a bit but nothing too much worry there (i think). however the rear brake doesnt seem too effective, just wondered how much, in general, it would cost to replace the rear brake shoes/pads? Also im from south east london/ croydon area and if people wanna meet up and ride and you dont live miles and miles away then would be good to meet up with a fellow cruiser biker cheers guys Stevo
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