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  1. I have an 86 xt 600. Took it apart about 6-7 years ago, just now getting around to putting it back together. I was re-installing the ignition coil and couldn't find the connector. I do not remember removing the CDI, but obviously I did. Do you have the part # and possibly a real picture of the CDI unit. It would be most helpful. I know I haven't thrown it away cause i still have Honda & acura parts in boxes & bins at my shop & storage from 1989! It will be a real drag if I cannot find it cause i got my heart set on riding that beast again. Thanks
  2. Not only am I new to this forum/club this is my first ever post in any forum. My name is Lance & I love to ride. No better food for the soul than a ride on any scooter, any time, any where!ere. I have a 86 xt600 that i have owned for about 10 years. Been riding since I was bout 4. I am a seasoned 41 years old. The xt 600 had a no start problem back in 04 & I started diagnosis & inspection , got side tracked & ended up on my 1st street bike at 32 years young. I went and bought a new Harley softail springer injected bike. Well somebody wanted more than me & they still have it cause i haven't seen it since. Sorry for the long intro yall.
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