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  1. lmao sorry its a xj750 seca 1980
  2. Tian Rees


    ok so been having problems starting her in the cold weather ive had now she had new batt and plugs so not sure what next thing is i covered her up at work and she started on the button but it was raningso on my 20 mile trip home from work i lost cylinders 2 and 3 checked all my leads and cables alll connections seam good so going to try a new coil pack but after that im lost lol
  3. i have a 1980 us inmport seca just got it yesterday was wondering if many left out there lol
  4. thanks dude im liking it so far not had chance to yet to busy riding it but will be first thing to check lol
  5. Hi all newbie here just got my self a XJ750 seca 1980 import lovely bike gave her a good blast yesterday going home fof getting it few small problems for what i can see. Speedo not working the rev counter is tho anx she not idlein very well noticed the rubber boots from carbs to ports are crackin so will have to source them fingers crossed you lot will help :-) Im based in south wales hope there are a few peeps close
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