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  1. Thanks Airhead, that would be really good. I looked through the oil window on a level surface and the oil level was below the min mark so I decided to top it up. The bike has just been serviced for mot as part of the sale deal that's what makes me think is a bit soon to top-up...
  2. Hi everyone, my name is Rob and I'm a new rider and new to Yamaha too. I completed my CBT last month and got a beautiful XVS125 2004 last week, done a few miles and I'm getting acquainted with it. I'm loving it! However while riding I noticed I have to let the clutch go almost to the end for the engine to engage, and this is proving a bit problematic when slow manoeuvring as I feel I need more clutch play to properly control the bike when doing 8's or slaloms at 5mph. Does anyone know how to adjust this and where to find that good reliable mechanic in Edinburgh? I also made my first top-up of oil just after 89 miles but for some reason it feels a bit premature, as I have ridden for only a few days, perhaps this is ok with small 125cc engines, but does that sound normal? Thanks and would love hearing from you, as I'm also looking for riding buddies! Best, Rob
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