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  1. hi im sort of new to the site but i am 13 and i have a yamaha tw125 but it hant got a kickstart but it has a little plastic cover named kickstart so i was wondering if anyone knows where i can get a kickstart for it cheap or if anyone has one for sale. many regaurds crispy
  2. crispy

    yamaha jacket

    hi im new to the forum and i have recently bought a blue,black and white yamaha jacket. It has yamaha wrote on both sleeves and on the back there is a yamaha badge with yamaha under and on the front top,left there is a small yamaha badge with yamaha on it. It also has Billy Mckenzie's signature on the back. It is not on ebay yet because i thought yamaha jacket should go to a yamaha owner. so if there is any offers on the jacket you can contact me on [email protected] or pm me. I still might not sell it but if the price is right i will crispy
  3. crispy


    kev u own a yamaha tw125?
  4. i wudnt mind havin the lawnmower, there gd pics
  5. crispy

    Well sqashed

    oooo that look nasty
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