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    Hockey, Guitars, Camping, My two kids(dogs), my kick ass girlfriend, Some good friends and some cold beers. Oh, and golf. Dont know why but I LOOOOVE golf!!!!

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  1. Ive been searching my face off looking for a 3into1 header for my 81 xs850. Does anyone know where I can find an after-market manufacturer/distributor in Canada? i dont really wanna pay a bunch of brokerage and extra taxes for cross border purchases. Any info helps, thanks peeps.
  2. Thanks for the product tips Ttaskmaster, Ill look for those here. And I gotta say thats a strong endorsement, for the bike anyway! Our government doesnt seem much more capable here! I was planning on going more in the cafe style direction with my bike, lots to learn first though. How did you do your bobber Ratbob? There were no pics....
  3. Thanks everyone, Im lovin the feedback so far. Cant wait to get to know more of you!!!! Bikes been stripped down pretty far, only the engine on the frame and the forks and tires still on. Does anyone have an opinion on shaft driven bikes? Best way to clean and restore? Im uber new to bikes and forums, so ANY tips on ANYTHING would be so welcome. Thanks for the hospitality!!!!
  4. Awesome! Thanks for the start up info guys.
  5. Friends call me Whitey!!! Just got an XS850 and Im lookin too fix it up. I figured Id check out some of these motorcycle forums too help if I had any questions or just see if I could make some friends I could visit when its built. Im a stage hand in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and I have a lot of spare time so I thought I would try to restore an old junker I found. I dont know a lot about bikes but I do claim to be pretty handy with a set of tools if you know what Im sayin!! Hope I get to know more of you through out my time here! Thanks.
  6. Sorry dude. Too new for this. What does intro first mean?
  7. So I was just given a 1981 xs850 Special that doesnt run and is in terrible condition. Ive really got nothing but time and would like to learn how to fix this bike. Ive started by stripping a bunch of aesthetic parts and am now in the middle of removing my carb to rebuild it. Does any one have any advice or know of any good links to help me on my journey? Thanks for any info!
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