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  1. barmycarmy

    Sad News

    Sorry I haven't been on here for a while, but my husband was sick. I am sorry to say he died a week ago today. It was such a shock to us all, in fact I am in remote control at mo, everything is surreal. Anyway We are giving him a bikers send off after 40yrs of biking. Hoping a good crowd will turn up. Dave was quite popular with his neanderthal sense of humour, just used to make people laugh. Funeral is on Thurs. I will be back but in time. Just got to get my head around everything. Cya laterz hugs xxx
  2. How do I get a large image of bike? I thought I had done it, but I see you cant view image. Grrr
  3. Happy Easter Drewps MmmmmmmmmmChocolate
  4. Unfortuately due to Dave's ill health we have to sale our Ride. Booo Hooo! After 35yrs + of biking! Miss it so very much:( Tis the end of an era! The above bike is in very good condition. Approx 7555 miles on the clock. Nice comfy aftermarket king & queen seat. Brand new Yamaha battery costing £80. Also Leather luggage and tool roll. Also has engine bars. We are selling at a good price too. Now we have seen other 1100 Viragos for sale and for an 1989 model was advertised they were asking £3000 so we know Viragos hold there price. For our 1999 model we are asking just £3200 That is an excellent price! Partial service history. The only thing there is no Tax but we will put a full 12month MOT on bike that is no probs as bike runs good and everything works. Cash only. We are in most days and evenings. Best time to ring between 10am - 9pm Tel: 01794 501870 it will be me (Carmy) or Dave who answers. We live Nr Southampton. Thanks for looking
  5. Gasp Bloomin expensive airhead...Lol more than what the bike cost!
  6. Hey Dennis I think I'm new too Yeah good luck wiv yer CBT Nice looking ride hun. I can speak a lil french J'taime i fink Comma ce va?
  7. Hey cheers me dears for a fantastic welcome....Oooooh aint it nice to know I'm wiv like minded bikers :spin2:
  8. Yes I really am Barmy and married to Dave the pilot of our 1999 yamaha 1100 virago. Have posted message in the Tech bit. Got 3 grown up kids all left home. So when we are both fit and healthy we ride on our bike on dry warm sunny days. Years ago we rode in all weathers but due to both having arthritis wet and cold does not agree with us. Biking is our passion and have been for over 30yrs. Me n the Ol'man have been hitched 36yrs on August 13th. Gasp! flippin lifers dont get that long! hehehehe What else...Oh yes I love my music. And I'm very crafty.............. I mean, I make jewelleryetc I've done cross stitch, embroidery, decoupage etc etc I am really scatty brained as you will come to know and am totally Barmy
  9. Please can anyone tell us where to source complete trike kit or someone knows who can carry out work for us, also want to get an idea of price etc. Have ridden bikes with hubby for well over 30yrs and our main bike has always been yamaha 1100 virago. Due to hubbys arthritis his muscles has wasted in his arms and has a job holding the bike up. hence we are looking for someone to convert into trike, which would then solve the problem and we wont have to give up biking.our current 1100virago is 1999 which I think is the last year virago's were manufactured. We live near Southampton. So if anyone has any ideas please let me know. Or if anyone wants to swap a yamaha 1100 trike for a 2 wheeled version let us know. Thanks for your time. The Barmy Bimbo
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