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  1. Well I finally got the straight answer. It appears that for 74 and half of 75, the DT 100, 125 & 175 had pop-top fuel caps. The DT100 and DT175 tanks matched, measuring 16.5" The DT125 tank measures 17.75" Why you ask? No feaking clue. Half way thru 75, the tank paint scheme changed to the diaganal stripe. The cap was removable (but still lockable) As before 100 & 175 shared tanks and the 125 stood alone. In 76 all tanks changes to a "coffin style" tank. As before the 100 & 75 shared tanks (measuring 16.5") and the 125 was again on its own measuring 17.75". Now we all kno
  2. AH, The part numbers (from the Yamaha fractory site) for the 75 DT 175B tank (they had two paint schemes that year) is 443-24110-10-01 for the older design and 443-24110-00-01 for the style that I have. The 76 DT175C tank part number is 558-24110-00-02. 443-XXX is the designation for the 75 model and the 558-XXX is the designation for the 76 model. I think that 24110 is the tank number, the next two -the cap and the final two the color, I could be wrong, but that's what it looks like. There is nothing I can find of a part number anywhere on my tank, but it has the 75 older style gas cap. The T
  3. Hi, I'm coming to the conclusion that 74, 75, & 76 Yamaha DT fuel tanks (175 in particular) are NOT interchangeable. Lets find out shall we. If you would indulge me, please measure your 74, 75 or 76 DT fuel tank from the centerline of the forward mounting ears to the centerline of the rear mounting hole. Mine measures 17.75 inches. Mine is could be a 75, I'm not positive. What does yours measure?? Thanks Bill
  4. The middle rubber on the spline does not even touch the tank. Its not an aftermarket tank, it appears to be a take-off. Blackhat, what does your tank measure? Bill
  5. I wish it were that simple. The tank is as far forward as it can go. What is the dimention from the center line of the bumpers to the center of the rear mounting hole? Mine tank is is 17.75 inches. The bike is only 16.5" so there was a change in the design somewhere. Measure your's see what it is. Thanks Bill
  6. nayruf, At sea? Really. I'm at home in a snowbank. We just got winter here in central NY. Anyhow......Here are some photos. The tank was in this situation when I bought the bike last week. I just talked to the last owner and she said its a replacement tank. I just didnt know it was wrong until I started working on a few days ago. My plan is to go thru it this winter (not a restoration, but a heavy PM) ride it next season and then do a full restoration next winter. Anyhow, the measurement of the frame mounted horseshoes (not the rubber one) to the rear mounting stud appears to be 16
  7. nayruf, I checked the rubber horseshoe under the tank. It appears to be in the correct place. If I take the rubber gromits off the inner tank ears and slide the ears ahead of their mounts, the mounting hole in the back of the tank lines up, but the tank is then about an inch more forward and is not supported in front.. BH, From what I have seen the 1976 US made DT 175C has the blue tank with white stripe. See http://thevintagespo...es/DSC_1048.JPG This is listed as a 1976. This looks identical to mine, except the gas cap is different. Mine was manufactured in 6/76 and the frame Vi
  8. I'll check the rubber horseshoe this afternoon. If that does not remedy the situation, I'll take & post some photos Bill
  9. I just became the owner of a really nice 76 DT 175C. I bought it from the second owner, who bought it last year from the original owner's servicing dealer. She has never been restored and is in really good shape for her age. The gas tank is in near perfect condition. However, it does not quite fit the bike. The front mounting ears have what appear to be the correct rubber bumpers and they fit perfectly into the mounting horseshoes on the frame. However, the rear anchor hole does not line up with the rear frame mounted anchor stud. The rear of the tank also does not set correctly on the fr
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