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  1. leedarbyfzr400


    hi all does anyone know where i can get a headgasket set for my fz400r jap import many thanks. or what bike has same engine
  2. hi its not the the one with the penut cover any idears thanks
  3. hi all any one no what other fairings fit on a 1988 fz400r 46x many thanks
  4. leedarbyfzr400

    hi all

    hi all any one no were the starter gear and clutch is on an 1988 fz400r 46x its( not) the one with the penut shape cover ? and what it looks like thanks
  5. leedarbyfzr400

    hi all

    hi all any one no were the starter clutch is on my fzr 400 87 model many thanks
  6. leedarbyfzr400

    fzr 400

    hi any one no were starter clucth is on fzr 400 many thanks
  7. just got paddock stand for rear but it has hooks but no were to put bobbings that i can see ant idear thanks
  8. how do work this site

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