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  1. Hi buddy Google translate - thanks for the suggestion and although it's Ok for the odd word or 2 its often nonsensical on sentences, eg "a la rigueur" means "or even, if need be, in a pinch, possibly" but if you translate it becomes "a discipline" Speaking isn't a major problem it's the listening that is difficult -very fast and they miss the ending off all words so "au revoir" ( goodbye) sounds like "avoir" (have/having). We're getting there but "passe compose" has me floundering " je me suis leve" - i me am lift (I got up) hahahaha Again thanks for the advice on the valve. I have just read up on this idea and it seems likely this is the area for concern, but it may be a case of shipping to the UK to get sorted. Thanks again, Safe riding
  2. Thanks Airhead, good idea, only problem is we retired to Brittany last year and although learning the language only have a basic working knowledge at the moment. This should make for a very interesting converation with the Yam Garage in St Brieuc hahahahaha. All the best
  3. We retired to Brittany a year ago. Interesting point here is that you do not require an MOT for a motorbike but all vehicles must be insured even if "off road" which saves problems for the police in checking and insurance companies in sorting claims. All helps to keep costs down BUT - if you're not insured then it means a fine and up to 6 months in jail. All cars are registered and French jails are not nice. Another point is there are 4 levels of insurance, the lowest being just 3rd party which is usually quite cheap. Apart from that the roads are excellent, few roadworks and most of these don't have reduced speed limits, much less traffic per km/mile and most drivers are biker friendly. Food is good and we will be making our own cidre (cider) this year. It's a hard life. hahahahaha
  4. Now then, here's a problem I am really stuck on. My 2002 xjr was Ok one day but the next started to run very rough. I checked the plugs and I found that No. 1 plug was black with carbon so I changed the plug but this did not make any difference. I put a new set of plug caps on. Again no difference. The spark wasn't bad but there was the possibility of a damaged HT lead. However the HT's from the coil are fixed I so couldn't just change them and had to buy a new coil. Hmm, lovely spark but still no difference. OK, strip the carbs and have a look. HORROR!! No1 carb slide had a big burn hole in the back - the air filter side, not cylinder side, so I removed the cards and stripped the airfilter. Inside the inside of the air filter (on this side) was burned/melted and full of petrol. This was not good, so - carbs stripped right back, float chambers cleaned and checked, main and idle jets cleaned, chokes stripped and cleaned. A new piston, diaphram and needle purchased, petrol tank tap stripped and new kit fitted as this was leaking some petrol when the tank was removed and everything re-assembled. Flippin' heck, same thing, misfiring (running on 3 cylinders) and plug still carbons badly up on No1. Also now I can see a small intermittant backfire on No 4 carb, but this plug colour is OK. Cylinders 2 and 3 fine, no probs. Soooo - any ideas please?? Thanks in advance
  5. Well here I am introducing myself. Hmm, let's see - 1. Old, very old but still love riding bikes. Have had all types from BSA to Harleys to a superblackbird but love my xjr 'cos I can cruise or burn boy racers. 2. Yes, well, burning boy racers. Not so much now 'cos brain is only just keeping up with speed hahahaha. 3. We now live in Brittany. Decided to retire early from teaching in the UK (Wales) before I committed murder. 4. Her indoors enjoys riding pillion. I enjoy her as pillion because I can't hear her moaning. Shame they don't make intercoms for xjr's. No - they don't!! 5. Can't think of anything else except I have serious prob with bike. Will post quiery on appropriate forum 6. Thanks for listening
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