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  1. Took the aerox for its MOT the other day and It failed due to the fork oil seals leaking, I would replace the things myself but for some reason I apparantly need a special T holder to remove the cartridge and this costs about 60 quid, Is there any way I can change the oil seals another way? Cheers
  2. Okay lemme try, I need a intake manifold for an X reg Aerox yq 100 can you get me one?
  3. I have an aerox yq100 that I am currently restoring and the idle is currently uite erratic, so I sprayed WD-40 around the Intake manifold that links the carb to the reed and it started to surge, I removed the old manifold and sure enough there was a split. The only issue is that I am having trouble finding the yq100 carb manifold and the ones that I have seen have been really expensive, Im just wondering if there is any differance between the yq100 manifold and the one of the yq50? the yq50 ones are much easier to find and even the performance replacements are much cheaper than the yq100 manif
  4. actually mate your right that makes a great deal of sense
  5. thanks guys! the only issue is I never have as much as 90 quid and it might seem rediculous but there are no jobs anywhere anymore so will have to save some cash! Im just wondering has anybody had any experience with vehicle wrapping and how difficult is it too get a good finish? its just much cheaper than getting it sprayed somewhere as it would only cost me £25 for the vinyl I need and that is much more within my price range as money is tight and this is a mega budget project.
  6. I have an aerox yq100 with terrible looking plastics, there must be a scuff on every single one, just wondering what I could do with them? could I spray them and actually get a good finish with spray cans? or would it be possible to vinyl wrap them? I know that you may just be thinking why I don't replace them but Im a student and therefore have barely any cash! so what do you think?
  7. yeah the battery was fine! charged it with a trickle charger and its held itself for a few days now without a problem, will invest in a new battery soon though as I honestly have no idea how the oem battery is still going, clearly Japanese magic is present in the yami factory!
  8. Sorry for the delay on the cause of the problem! but it is fixed! it wasn't the battery it was a horrible earth contact that needed cleaning up! Aerox is ready for the necessary evil MOT now! Cheers guys for your suggestions
  9. I know its a classic and all but i would LOVE to see it being made into a street fighter! lovely project by the way
  10. Thanks drewpy sound advice that helped me know where everything went back when I stripped and cleaned the carb today! (that was absolutly filthy btw)
  11. I agree with dogwafter sound advice I had a similar problem with my aerox 2 stroke and stripping and gleaning out the carb did wonders for performance.
  12. It was a Wednesday afternoon that I went to view what was to be my machine, I bought it off a man in a tracksuit (typical aerox owner) who said it was dead fast and "he didn't know why he didn't use it any more but he just didn't!" the bike looked in a slightly distressed state and I have a massive problem with cars and bikes as I tend to personify them (don't ask why I just do) and I just imagined this poor bike being locked away in a shed and that I had to save it! the bike had what was described to be an electrical fault (still waiting on the voltmeter to arrive from ebay) but started first
  13. Cheers guys Im gonna borrow a battery I know to be working from my friends bike today, will let you know if it fixes it!
  14. I have just bought my first bike a Yamaha Aerox 100 I had purchased it for £200 as the bike has no mot or tax and has been stored in a shed for over a year. The bikes electric starter, indicators, brake light and everything else I can thing of do not operate apart from the headlight and this only operates when the bike is on (kick started) and it gets brighter as I rev it. the bike was stored without this problem and it has developed the problem while in storage. Any ideas? I have pretty much worked overnight to see what the issue is but to no avail. Thankyou very much!
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