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  1. blippy

    rd500 queries

    Thanks folks i have bought one now and will put up some pics soon
  2. blippy

    rd500 queries

    Thanks for that i will have a go
  3. bloody hell that has gotta hurt
  4. blippy

    rd500 queries

    Hi all i am after a rd500lc ihave looked at several and body wise they needed alot of work,finding good panels seems to be big problem so i have steered away from ones needing plastics,ive seen one with fibreglass panels but syed away as i thought it could be a problem to sell on one day,am i right?.has anyone got some good sound advice on what to look out for regading mechanicals,i have an ear for piston slap and grumbly bottom ends,but am not sure just how much smoke should be omitted which is deemed acceptable.also apart from the obvious colour schem diffence and engine restiction differenc
  5. Hi Blackhat that sounds great,tell him i will cherish it,ive dreamt of having one since i was 17 but just like everyone else it was always outof my range.let me know thanks
  6. Hi folks this is my first time on here,a little about me. I have got a zxr750 zxr400 both matching black purple pink colours,only bought them because the price for such has come down to bargain basement level-both on L reg's Also got a Mint Triumph Daytona 1200k in yellow which i have had on off for 5 years and thats my baby. finally got a 160 Norton dominator in cafe form.# So why are you on here then i hear - well ive just bought the RD200dx in restored form from ebay and also showing on autotrader,i had one of these when i was 17 and the altenator was knacked so after a charge i only g
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