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  1. well its a dt50mx the bike was registered in 1987 but it is a 9 digit vin number so i have been told that the bike is a 1986 .my project is to build for shows but it is a long way off that yet.
  2. hi oldgitonbike i am just on outskirts of sheffield .
  3. hi i am new to the site just saying hi to all members
  4. a full seat please if it is possible can i add you as a friend
  5. hi can any one help me i am in need of a seat for a dt50mx 1986 or does anyone know where i can find any i have tryed ebay but no luck so far please respond if you can help me at all thank you dave
  6. well done on your rebuild started a project but my only problem is i do not have no infomation on where to find a dt50mx seat for a 1987 model same seat as a 1986 model . maybe one day i may be as near as you it looks really good what you have done .
  7. hi i am trying to build a dt 50 mx and i was wondering does anyone know where i can find a seat for a dt 50 mx for project does any one know if the 1986 seat will fit the 1987 frame .because the tank is the same as the 1986 the frame number is registered as a 1987 if so please can you help thank you dave dt50mx i have now sorted out this problem thank you for looking the project has moved on to a different level now
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