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  1. No FZ1-S owners bought luggage?
  2. I've recently got a 2006 FZ1-S and I want to get some touring hard luggage. All the adverts for Givi stuff allude to the 'FZ1' . Is this the same as the FZ1-s? Thanks John )
  3. Thanks, Tried to load a pic into my profile picture but was too big I suppose. I'll check the FAQs to see if someone has posted a procedure for loading photos
  4. Hello, Name is John. Just bought a FZ1s 2006 reg.. Still the the Suzy SV650, called Eileen, I have had since Sept 2006. The SV and I have been through France and Spain on several occasions and never experienced any problems at all. I hope the FZ is going to be as reliable. It's the first Yam I have owned [or ridden]. I picked it up today. I love it!!
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