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    Hi Guys. Just introducing myself to everyone. Well ,where to start? Ahh! At the beginning! Been around bikes for around 35 yrs,mostly Yams,of course with the odd courier exception.Started off on a Yam SS50 and progressed through to DT100,RD200,RD250dxd,RS100,FZR750.Exceptions-My old departed fav.MZ150,kwacker triple and 3 x CX500.Oops!,nearly forgot the Geep 9R Recently sold the fizzer due to the old bones playing up(i,m only 50),and have just bought,and i mean tonight! a lovely FZS600s (year2000).So, i,m back to my roots and back on the road again. I,m quite a decent mechanic(bred from necessity and 2 redundancies)and may be of some minor help to anyone with 80,s bikes or biking in general.No-one knows everything,which is one of the reasons for joining and i was glad to find the site,which appears to be very informative and well moderated. Will probably post again shortly,but longwindedness is not a great attribute,so will end here,Cheers.FAE.
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