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  1. Ok guys heres a pic.. ] http://s1178.photobu...-07153743.jpg77 Thanks for the replys
  2. Ok so i bought a bike a few months back, just an offroader for use in the lanes Was sold as a Dt125, but my mate says its not a DT, maybe a YZ? His dad recons its neither, possibly an IT? There are no lights, but there is a bracket for a footstand. My mate says the shocks and discs are not from a DT as they are larger than usual. The engine reads 'Yamaha 3BN' then 'Y-3' on the head. Does this mean anything? Or do i need to find a chassis number etc.. I'm a complete ammatuer when it comes to bikes... as you can tell lol I need to know what bike/engine i have as i need to buy a head gasket. Thanks in advance
  3. Was sparking fine, all it need was a bit of break cleaner in the air intake Found out that its usually impossible to start without it now, any ideas guys? should i get the compression checked?
  4. Hi guys Im new here just signed up as i have just got myself a dt125 for offroad fun I got he bike on monday, she started up fine 1st kick with no problems, i drove up and down my lane a few times without any problems. later on though she wouldn't start, and i haven't been able to start it since. Plenty of fuel, valve in the right position, choke on, in the start position on the switch, but nothin. Turns over easily, but just wont start up. Any ideas? Thanks in advance Aidan
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