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  1. this arrived after i sold my bike so just after what i paid £27 inc postage
  2. tiko

    my xs250

    well guys due to a big money issue i have had to make the regretful descion to sell my project i really dont want to do this but my hands are tied i have enjoyed getting to know this bike and have fallen in love with it and i can see my self getting another in the future, she is listed on ebay at the min but i do have a reserve on her for whats been paid out for parts and the bike
  3. tiko

    my xs250

    yep drewpy she up and running took her up the road yesterday didnt realise they were so quick, no not finished yet got to replace front forks rear springs chain gaurd and alot of the rusty bolts and new battery
  4. tiko

    my xs250

    cheers thanks i have always loved the look of the old yams including the xj 650 that me and my stepfather both owned, i even had a suzuki rgv250 which i adored till som git nicked it i have had couple of hondas never owned a kawazaki but my stepftaher had the gtr1000
  5. tiko

    my xs250

    an upto date photo
  6. tiko

    my xs250

    thanks drewpy loooks gud
  7. tiko

    my xs250

    oooh sounds good any links or dates an address
  8. tiko


    it is completely seized the bike had been stood four years and has four years of rust on it so after another one
  9. tiko

    my xs250

    thanks drewpy, although i spoke to one guy about the exhaust on there site they said its been discontinued and they have removed it how great is that NOT but i have the codes to work with thanks for them its better than what i had before which means i ave somthing to go on
  10. tiko

    my xs250

    lmao would of certainly been easer but no i found an original seat cover off that well known auction site for 14.99
  11. tiko

    my xs250

    cheers you wouldnt belive me if i told you its the original seat off the bike and yes drewpy them lol although i havent had much look with parts of ebay they dont seem to fit i even bought to downpipes and they wont fit
  12. tiko

    my xs250

    cheers still need front caliper mine is buggered and a downpipe i have couple of downpipes of an xs250 but they dont match mine at all as mine are 2 into 1 and need some help on the idle mixture issue as doesnt tick over well and popping back through carbs "BUT" when it pops back it comes out the side of the inlet manifold as i found out today but i cant locate these on the net any where
  13. tiko

    my xs250

    ok i have been slighty busy not had chance to upload any photos or vids so here we go i have replaced the clock surrounds and tank re upolsterd the seat bought a new tank front light cleaned up front mud gaurd and rear mud gaurd taken of carbs and give a clean of them the engnine we seized when i bought it and starts fine now
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