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    1979 yamaha xs500 in the past.2006 suzuki gsxr 600 honda cbr600 honda cbx550

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  1. just to introduce myself. i am in chester uk married,3 children have had plenty of bikes the most recent being a xs500 that came in boxes. i am trying to restore her as a cafe racer. i have posted a question under TIGHT ENGINE in yam classics but did not come to new members forum first.sorry.
  2. hi. i am currently rebuilding a xs 500d 1979 model. the engine is back in the frame and every thing turns smoothly until i try to kickstart it. the engine feels incredably tight and whilst kick starting it the engine seems to engage a gear and it is then hard to get back to neautral.there is no clutch cable on it as yet so i was thinking do you have to pull the clutch in to make it easier to kick start or is something not put together right. any advice would be welcome. thanks
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