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  1. Hi, everyone, Picked up my 2009 YBR 250 from local dealers and noticed on way home a distinct but not very loud metallic vibration at between 3.5 and 5k revs., accompanied by an irregular knocking. It's not there when I take the bike through this rev range when it's not in gear. I can't go any higher up the rev range as the bike has only done 75 miles so needs running in. I suspect something's not right with the transmission. It still has dealer warranty so I'm not too worried. Anyone out there got any ideas? Do I need to take it back to the dealers?
  2. Boogaloo Dan

    YBR 250

    Hi, Slightly late for this thread perhaps, but I've only just dropped on the YBR 250, offered in a local dealers. Needed a replacement commuter and looked for a 250... serious shortage in this country! Mine is a 2009 and has done just 75 miles. Apparently an old fella bought it new, rode it once then put it in the garage and left it there. If looks are anythign to go by, then the YBR should be brillaint. And it is a Yamaha. If they can't design a good bike, who can?! Shall post again soon. Pick it up on Friday. Can't wait. Hope to use it on longer trips instead of my Speed Triple when the weather is inclement.
  3. Cheers, oldtimer. Perfect reply!
  4. Hi everyone, I've already started this thread once but it seems to have disappeared into the ether! I've just bought a 2009 YBR 250. Does anyone else out there have one and can anyone answer me the following: 1. Is it restrticted in any way and, if so, can it be derestricted? 2. Is it an 'export' model or are they sold through the usual dealerships? 3. I found a photo on the net of a 2011 YRB that was clalled a 'Fazer'. Is it part of the Fazer family? 4. What is the spares situation? 5. Any weaknesses in the model? Can anyone cast any light on what seems to me the dog's as far as a 250 is concerned. Can't believe a bike like this isn't flying out of the showrooms. What's the catch?!"
  5. Yeah. I knew it was bad news as soon as I saw his helmet skid across the track. The fact that they did't show the crash also made me nervous... and then when they cancelled the race.... RIP, Marco. What a fantastic character and racer. The series will miss you.
  6. No, but I may well do in the future!
  7. Hi, everyone, My name is Boogaloo Dan (not!) and I'd just like to say hello. I'm fifty-eight, have ridden all my 'adult' life (passed my test in '69 at the tender age of sixteen, and (big breath) have never owned a Japanese bike!). It's not that I ever thought of them as unworthy but when I picked up my first machine (a '68 BSA Starfire), I was told by the dealer (at Rusty's of Scunthorpe) to 'make the most of it, because there won't be a British motorcycle industry in five years...'. That kind of stuck with me. At the time my dad ran a CSR 650 Matchless, my mates all had British iron, and I'd just lost my girlfriend to Dave Dunk who owned... a twin cylinder 250 Honda (am I right in thinking that it was called a Dream?). I eventually got a 650 TriBSA cafe racer, then persuaded my dad to lend me the money for a new Triumph Trident. Unfortunately, I then elected to go to university instead of staying as an apprentice electrician, and he withdrew the offer until I graduated; when I did, he said I could afford to buy my own bike. Unfortunately by then I'd hooked up with a girl and her non-biker family who refused to sanction a motor bike at a time when we were due to get married etc.. I later bought a basket case pre-unit Bonneville, which I restored to concours condition, followed by a Norton Commando. Then Triumph reemerged as a force to be reckoned with and I've had Triumphs ever since. Why join this forum? Well, last week I decided that my 251 MZ commuter, having 30 000 miles on the clock, deserved a peaceful retirement, and started looking for a 250 cc replacement.... Shock, horror, no bugger wants to make them anymore, not for sale in this country anyway. But then I stumbled on a 2009 Yamaha YBR 250 with 75 miles on the clock (yes, really). Not only did it look the dogs, but it also reminded me a little (go on, then, not much) of my much lamented 250 BSA Starfire. I pick it up next week and am looking forward to having some fun on it going to work, and also on the odd jaunt when the weather's too bad to take my 2011 Speed Triple out (it's a keeper and I want it pristine forever). Si' thi' all anon (as we say in South Yorkshire), Boogaloo Dan
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