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  1. ok,its not the earth or any of the connections.have bought a relay of ebay,only £8 so hopefully that will cure it.
  2. hmm,will re-check the connections but im fairly confident that they are all good,the switchgear is spotless & had a squirt of wd40.it only has one fuse,(i believe) & thats located on the starter solenoid & if that blows nothing will work so i thought id narrowed it down to a relay,or,as you suggested,the earth....which seems more likely,the more i think about it.i think i got to nip out into my workshop & check that right now as the curiosity is getting to me, lol.
  3. hi,high & low beam isnt working on my 09 xt125x,everything else seems ok,including the side light & tail light.i suspect that it may be down to a 5 pin relay located behind the right hand sidepanel,next to the cdi.does anyone know if it could be this relay at fault? (and would it only affect hi/lo beam.) thanks in advance for any advice that is offered.
  4. hi,due to unforseen circumstances i am forced to consider parting with my 98 r1 4xv & i wondered if anyone has any idea what a realistic asking price (or reserve price if i ebay it) would be? its pearl white & red,red seat model,25k miles with fsh etc,totally standard & in extremely good condition.i havnt used it for a number of years as i didnt want to run the mileage up on it & i been using a 1200 bandit until recently.basically its been mothballed in my workshop but started quite often & given the odd ride now & then to keep everything working.i guess the only consolation about having to let it go would be if its worth decent money.has anyone had any recent experience of buying/selling one? many thanks in advance.
  5. try carl salter.com........you will probably get it for free
  6. A complete zx9r...in bits (snapped the frame in half when it almost assasinated me) lots of cagiva mito bits,lots of xl250r bits,some dt175mx bits,lots of zxr750h bits,lots of pulse adrenalin bits,some gsxr600srad bits,some zxr750j bits,some pug trekker bits,some ls650 savage bits,some klx650 bits.......i could bore you all with the rest.......
  7. mine wants a divorce.....i told her that im not spending that much !!!!
  8. erm everyone has failed to remember the 4th type of biker.....,a dead one.....be careful out there.....( still have fun tho)
  9. damn fine effort,why dont they make bikes like this anymore? the younger generation have been robbed of the experience....or maybe im just getting old
  10. once again,i agree with cynic regarding warming the plug,i also seem to remember that putting a little pencil lead on the plug was used to aid the spark ( havnt heard that one suggested for quite a while tho....old school) did you know that the spark plug may be sparking when you check it but it may not spark when under compression? seals look like prime suspect tho,as previously suggested by cynic.i picked up a 1971 ts125 duster a while ago,been stood for god knows how many years,was completely covered in ivy,leaning against a shed,you couldnt even see the bike, i got it home & had it running in less than an hour,so,live in hope & if all else fails,rebuild the motor,not too difficult & you couldnt put a price on the satisfaction when it eventually bursts into life.
  11. a bit vague with the symptoms but id check out the plug
  12. hi,is the spark plug getting wet? if its dry it is going to be a fuel problem,possibly the crankseals as cynic has suggested.if the plug is dry,try priming it by pouring a little fuel into the spark plug hole (5ml-ish),i would think that it would at least fire.also;try removing the rubber air filter tube at the clamp at the rear of the carb,block the air intake on the carb completely with your hand/fingers or rag etc,hold the throttle open & kick it over a couple of times,if the fuel system is ok-ish your hand/fingers or rag should be soaked in fuel......hope this has helped
  13. notified via facebook? no-one else noticed? kupid stunts !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. theres probably a filter inside the fuel tank,on the tap - your a bit vague regarding the pipe,how have you been running it with the pipe off?
  15. and it still worked? where can i get one?
  16. its probably the air/fuel mixture screw;it should be screwed in all the way til it bottoms out and then backed out 1 5/8 turns....or,fire it up & with the motor runnig spray some wd40 around the inlet rubber manifold area,if the engine revs change,you probably got an air leak.if you end up having to strip the carb.remove the primary & maim jets,they are inside the float chamber (brass bits) & drop them into some lemon juice,heat it up over your cooker ( the lemon juice/jets....not the carb ) & leave them cool down & stand for a while,pref overnight.blow all the airways and fuel ways,bottom of the float bowl out with an airline (important bit) then re-build them.if that dont work,i will try & get someone else to eat theyre hat !!!!!
  17. hi there & welcome,im qute new to the forum myself & got to say,its a great place to be;some very interesting posts & helpful members.hope you enjoy it as much as i do
  18. im glad i havnt had lots of members saying "what you on about,i see them every day". i would have thought id led a sheltered life
  19. you probably got a rare irish 2stroke mate ( sorry to my fellow celts )
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