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  1. I have just got back to the V50 after riding around on a 125 for the summer - I will start with the Yammy again soon.
  2. Sorry - I don't know, but keep an eye on ebay - all kinds of stuff comes up on there.
  3. The condensor is situated below the points - looks OK
  4. Ah no the piston is in OK - the condensor - that should be by the points, I have not touched that - I will have a look.
  5. i HAVE CHANGED THE POINTS AND SET THE TIMING And painted everything except the front forks. AND............. iT WON'T GO NOW - arse- see workshop HELP.
  6. I have been having a go at getting an old V50P going (see projects) - well it was going when I took it apart!! What have I done: I have replaced the piston, changed the original fuel tap for a on off type - this has a slightly smaller outlet than the original. replaced the points and set the timing. put on new exhaust. The problem is that it works fine in first gear but has no power at all above 10mph or up hills - basically wont go in 2nd or third. The clutch is OK. Any ideas as to the problem. Ta KAYOS.
  7. Rear mudguard painted- closest match was blur hammerite (smooth spray).
  8. Couple of things painted prior to starting work on the frame. Pedal chain guard Number plate holder.
  9. Whats happened today? Put the new piston in and engine back together - bit of a fiddle but not to bad, and I remembered the gaskets! Nice shiny new exhaust, not that simple though, the thread is a tad bigger than the old one so will not fit - arse. After a bit of thinking decided to cut both threaded bits off. And weld the old one onto the new pipe. That should do for the moment. Kayos
  10. Thanks for the tips - I will try the piston trick as its hard enough to get the piston in on the bench, the old circlip stabbed me hence the plaster on the thumb.
  11. Hello - pics please - Kayos
  12. I have removed any casting roughness from the exhaust port. New piston ready to go in - not surprising the bike has trouble moving me! New and old pistons together. Next job is to put the engine back together- which I will try soon.
  13. Here we go then, one 1976 V50P going through a bit of a tidy up. stripped down. I resprayed the top of the handle bars. New sprockets. hand painted bits that are not seen, for added rust protection. New brake shoes. and the piston looks like it needs replacing. More soon - Kayos
  14. Hello again - no problems, yes it was me taking the photo, and the others are riding "scooters" GOD FORBID!. Anyway I am going to post some more details and pics of the work I am doing - what is the best place to put them? Today I took the engine apart, removed the piston (rather small I must say), cleaned the head and smoothed the bumps from the exhaust port (to release the power!!!). I will update soon - Ta Kayos.
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