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  1. Good point, my apologies. I don't really want anything for it, just someone with a chance of getting it going again. Job lot though. Fairing mount bracket, rear grab rails have already been powder coated. I did post some picks a couple of years ago. Feel free to pm me,
  2. It is with a heavy heart that I have decided not to push on with the rebuild of my XJ750. (American Import) I simply don't have the time to get on to it. It is half stripped and pretty much all there but the rust has taken its toll on the obvious parts. If any one wants it please let me know, collection only (Chester), or it is going to bike heaven. Once I have caught up with everything else and my grand daughter is easier on me I will have another bike. Till then, its how it was when my own kids arrived.
  3. Thanks Drewpy. Looks like my problem isnt my coils then. The HT leads were heavily oxidised where the cap screwed in. Cutting them back did help a little.
  4. I have a problem with my XJ 750. The plugs are all totally sooted up in 100 miles. I got to thinking that it is the coils. The manual says that I should get about 13K ohms across the secondary winding (plugs 1&4 2&3). I am gettng 22K ohms but 13 without the caps. so my question is, although the diagram in the manual shows with caps, should I measure with or with out them? I am getting 4K ohms through each cap alone. Should I try to get non-resistored caps or are my coils breaking down or am I barking up the wrong tree?
  5. You've got to feel sorry for the North Koreans http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-news-from-elsewhere-26747649
  6. Always have, Always will. They gave a lot more than we ever will. Lest we forget.
  7. Looking at the size of the feet that is no Sheila.
  8. littlej


    Freecycle can be hit and miss. We took some stuff straight to the skip. Lived at Cosford 68-71 then again 82-85ish when my dad retired. Spider Web cafe was always a good place to hang out
  9. Chester are now using unmarked Police bikes. This morning I saw a red Honda. Its blues are built into the rear light and the indicators on the fairing.
  10. Yesterday saw 5 years since i quit smoking. I did it by hypnotherapy. Missus still smokes so everything i buy myself is convered to fag prices. Bought a drill, she moaned. My reply was that it cost 12 days fags. Fair does though, she only smokes out side rain or shine. But she still stinks from them
  11. Thanks for the replies, I will get it off and give it a good coat of looking at before deciding. Polishing does sound good though.
  12. Now that the summer (questionable) has been and gone I am about to start the renovation of my bike. Other than the appauling electrics that are held together with tape and smurf snot, my concern is for renovating the swining arm. What is the best way to refurbish the driveshaft section and gear housing? I cannot sandblast it and powder coat it. Hammerite? Nah, too tacky. Obviuosly i would like to do the best job possible for my liited skills but i dont want it ruined by a crap driveshaft. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  13. So when it comes to spare parts would this guy on ebay be worth a call. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/xj900-carbs-stuart-123456-/221144530310?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item337d3dbd86
  14. I was wandering if it was the carbs causing my problems, but would all four go the same? Also, i get no flooding when idling or with the engine off. I do think that a carb overhaul woould be useful but this will leave me with the conundrum of which gasket sets/jets should i get. Would i be wise to get the same as our 750 SECA?
  15. Is there any way that i could find out which units will be suitable for my bike. The one that is in is labelled TID14-39 IAE-10 With 602 stamped in the silver box Having said that, which gasket sets could i use for the same engine? It is sooting up all four plugs after maybe 100 miles. I have noticed that the inlet valve on cylinder one could do with a regrind so i am assuming all eight will need doing, therefore a gasket set is need before i start. Its an XJ750RL imported and about a 1983 manufacture
  16. littlej

    Bubba J

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=GB&hl=en-GB&v=cYIhNLEzAds&feature=related Well worth watching, if it works
  17. I have arived in the US today. Travelling up the I95 from JFK to Shelton Connecticut all the bikes that i saw, none we wearing more than shorts and T shirts. Its that hot and dry. Jealous is an understatement.
  18. Be a lot more fun if he'd attached the crate with a couple of bungee straps
  19. Most hated drivers? Basically anyone that is in front of me. BMWs, its always a BMW that causing the problem, tailback or driving like a Twat. I average 50K miles a year, work related in a Volvo V70, yet i still hate BMWs
  20. littlej


    I dont know why, but whilst out in the shed this morning I had this compelling urge to google Hesketh Motorcycles. Always fancied one of these as a youngster but a few galaxies beyond my financial means. http://heskethmotorcycles.co.uk/#
  21. Sounds way too complicated for me, think I'll stick to my Flux Capacitor
  22. Pours out no matter what position i set it too. This could mean a faulty tap, which in turn could cause excess fuel to get to the carbs, causing the rich running and misfiring due to flooding carbs. I think I'll have to waste a bit of fuel, save what i can and get a new fuel tap or if possible a fuel tap refurb kit.
  23. This guy needs an old bike. Way too much time on his hands if he can come up with that
  24. I need to remove the fuel tank on my XJ750. Its half full/half empty depending on your out look in life, but cannot remove it with out losing all my fuel. It has a prime, on, and reserve. What the best way to take it off? I need to remove it as the bike is running extremely rich, misfiring and generally sounding like the proverbial sack. I need to get the carbs sorted. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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