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  1. Hey I am getting there, still having physio but I am back to work now after 5 months off I did put a link in first post https://www.justgiving.com/Corrina-Hynes Just giving charity page, Spinal unit helped me so much and still are and also it is full of fellow bikers that have had offs too Thank you
  2. Hello all....... Just sharing this with you all as fellow bikers we never know when we may need help from these guys https://www.justgivi...m/Corrina-Hynes Well what can I say....... It all started with a winning raffle ticket for a trip in a glider, personally that is my worst nightmare as I hate heights and have never flown for the reason that I think only birds should fly and was planning to give it away. After sharing the news with some friends, one bright spark came up with the idea to sponsor me for doing it, so peer pressure it is and the challenge
  3. Haha yeah my dad says whats the clutch for (when he rides his bike), he races and don't use the clutch when changing gear as it wastes time, that 500th of a second saved could win him the race
  4. Took it into garage today under warranty they adjusted the clutch for me and test rode it, the problem is stopping in 2nd (if u suddenly stop when some prick don't indicate at a roundabout example) and the gears not dropping its def better now its been adjusted but the guy can't warrant taking the gearbox apart he told me to drop the gears obv while moving and use neutral to coast upto roundabouts and junctions...wtf everything that goes against what I have been taught easy way out for him..... but you know it does work but its not ideal. Also spoke to dad ( a bike racer) he very strong
  5. Well warranty it will be, done 40 miles today the last 10 miles were a nightmare I lost 1st and 2nd gear when I did get 1st/2nd the gears were slack and clonking like mad when dropping down Nearly dropped the bloody thing too, was stood next to it putting my lid on, turned key green neutral light was on fired her up and the bike obv was not in neutral and shot forward, I managed to catch it and stop it from falling right over only just mind u as I was trying to do me lid ...... Well I had a look at the clutch today way too much play in it I have tightened it up the lever is quite stiff now b
  6. hey thank you....I sort of do that anyway its just a real pain when it happens esp if I need a quick get away Apparently its really common on the ybr, I am hopefully upgrading to a monster in spring/summer so may just have to put up with it, saying that its still under warranty for another year.
  7. I was concentrating on saving my arse at the time, have to say if she had stopped I would of had a go but tbh I was a bit shook up if I had not of braked so hard I would of prob gone over the bonnet/or side of her car (keeping in mind I was on a roundabout at the time )
  8. Its ok at least I have a pic up more than I can say for up yours.....what's he hiding....am wondering if the pic is his bird
  9. Haha yes back to yr original question....yes that is me lol...i am on my phone now and it shows new pic......i am hardly gonna put someone else up on my avatar esp another woman lol........drunk...tut tut...thought it was normal behaviour for you lol x
  10. pmsl what pic can you see, or did you see ? what has all this got to do with my bike but heyho lol
  11. eh this.......what its blank.....lol.....I just see glasses pic ? But I did put up a diff one with my hair down ?......oh well ?
  12. Right ok I am confused now I had a pic of me and my glasses on I tried to change it a while ago to a slightly diff one but the only pic I can still see is my specs one ? what u seeing dare I ask ?
  13. Luckily for you guys I do have a gsoh and can hold me own so to speak Bike is a pain up the butt when it fails to drop down to neutral and first, I am quite short and struggle trying to rock the bloody bike to get the bike into neutral and drop to first May just take it in as its still got a years warranty left on it ......but loving the sunshine at the mo and don't want it to go just yet ...may have to though as its not getting any better and I did get stuck today at a junction and had to pull away in second being heavy on the clutch too was just totally solid and wouldnt drop
  14. well...600 miles and 3 weeks later, still riding the YBR still wanna upgrade to poss a duke monster or something similar (totally loving the new mv but not really the right seating position for me and cant really warrant 11 grand either) Anyway riding is going well back is holding out, not so sure on the bike as problem with gears/clutch (posted in tech section), corners sorted, roundabouts sorted, nearly had an off with some stupid tart putting on here lipstick while driving on a roundabout, she pulled straight out infront of me and even after tooting and nearly going over the side of
  15. Wow you so helpful lol.......and yeah the avatar is me...thanx for sharing yr urmmmmm...habits with me lol
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