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  1. Hi im selling my mx 80 (half size but bigger than a mini moto) its semi auto so perfect if you need to get used to gears without the clutch. its up for £250.00 and is waiting for a new throttle so obviously wont go anywhere at the moment. hopefully im buying a cable soon. if interested please respond or email me at [email protected]
  2. ye the bike wouldnt start the other day so had it apart and it then was goin good. throttle still sticks though. wonderin if it needs a new cable. i havnt lubed recently so maybe thats what i should do. when i close the throttle completely theres a little click from inside the throttle though maybe thats it cheers
  3. Hi has anyone had problems with there throttle. I had my bike pinned and then it wouldnt stop. Apparantly it might be something to do with the carb. not sure any thoughts? cheers
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