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    i got a Yamaha XT125x ( 2005 )

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  1. mate if i am right what u are talking about that is like a EGR Valve just like a car it will recirculat the exhaust gases tho the engine agen saving more fuel if u remove this it will not do any to the bike ( i think ) but just use much more fuel than normal.
  2. Hi people i have just serviced my bike and i some how need to reset the sever indicator.. dose any one know how to do this? thanks people
  3. Were did u buy the bike from mate? just take it to yr loco Yamaha dealer or motorbike shop they should be able to tell u
  4. i got some pics of my xt125 now that i have made some meager mod's like nos etc.. XT125 Pic 1 XT125 Pic 2 XT125 Pic 3 for me info and more pic add me on msn [email protected]
  5. is yr one standard and how fast dose yrs go?
  6. i got one mate ask me anything u want.
  7. Hi people i was woundring if u know how to make a xt125 2005 model go faster than 67mph... i had a look at the intake and i seen a cover over it and i think that was one restriction for the bike becouse it was like sucking in no air i toke it out and it went to 60mph much faster but will not going as fast as it should .. i get to 60mph in 4th gear then when i go to 5th tehre is like no guts there just stays smooth carn't get it to screen in 5th if u know what i mean,, well thanks people ride hard
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