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  1. hi there. not sure if anyone can help but i have this annoying problem with my bike , when i use the bike from cold all is good in the gear change but when it gets hot i have trouble in selecting 5 and 6 gears you pull the clutch in flick the lever but the lever moves but wont go into gear do it again and it does .its only ever the higher gears only going up never coming down its been serviced recently and as its still under warranty i mentioned it and no problem found clutch cable adjustment is as manufactures guidelines ,i am begining to wonder if its just me but i know dam well it isn't do you think its because its still low mileage and not broke in yet ,i never had this with my 660x and that was brand new . puzzelled any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  2. grasshopper

    Yamaha XJ6

    ref xj6 diversion I road tested one of these a few days ago and i was really pleased with the way it performed such an easy bike to ride. i must just say that i have not been riding long only a couple of months and compared to my xt660 this thing was a real hoot, only downer is now i have realised that i made a mistake buying the xt they say that hinesight is a wonderful thing oh well live and learn ..... best change to the xj6 diversion makes sense lol
  3. honarable members , Have sorted the footware issue with a new pair of boots for 85quid from hein gericke and they are soo much better than the fishy footware they are now living back in the boot of my motor ! thanks for the advice i had never heard of hein gericke but i see they have branches everywhere excellent thanks again . Lets hope this fabulous weather lasts for another week or so !!!!!
  4. Honourable members Stop the press Ive done it ,yep last wednesday picked it up my new toy xt660x what have i done !!!! i My first bike so as i am new to all this i decided to get a new one ,shes a bit tight the old girl but she is losening up nicely now got about 170miles on her ,took a great ride out today down along the coast along past eastbourne, beachy head ,seaford, newhaven and along to lewes about 50miles in total and really enjoyed it i am taking it steady as i have no experience really of riding at all apart from my time in the saddle whilst i was learning so caution is the name of the game . But i need some advice i want to get some proper boots as at the moment i am using my fishing boots dont laugh they are 100% waterproof but they are a bit clumpy and not that comfortable for riding in . I guess i have got to be sensible having spalshed the cash recently so my budget would be £100 max i need something thats not going to break the bank but keep my tootsie warm and dry ? what would you recommend apart from not going out in the cold and the wet !
  5. honorable members Took a drive to Ipswich today to try out the xt660x, loved it bags of low down torque comfortable to ride and really easy i was suprised having never ridden one before didn't want to give it back ,its very tempting might have to break open the piggy bank ! keep you posted
  6. good afternoon honourable members , thankyou for making me welcome ! .I took the first step cautious step into the huge world of bikes and biking yesterday afternoon i actually got out to see a potential purchase at a dealer , a very clean and well presented xt660x which is right up my street and the right price, going to take for a test ride during the week if the wheather behaves but what i wanted to know is is there any issues apart from the throttle control which i have been warned about( thankyou Dirty dt) that i should ask about? thankyou
  7. How do ! just like to say hi to every one , this is all a bit new to me Bikes and Forums. I'm as green as they come when it comes to bikes but i took the bull by the horns and got out there and got my license all i need now is a bike to ride preferably a XT660X ! cheers
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