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  1. Hi guys, I've had my Thundercat now for about 4 years and she's basically been a fun tool, but she is a little worse for wear of late. So I want to show her some love... I'm looking at converting the Swingarm to a single sided, raising or possibly replacing the back end and bringing the exhaust up under the seat. My question is in relation to the swing arm conversion.. has anyone done this? do ye have any tips? and does anyone have an idea of what single sided swingarms would work well with the Cat. I am pretty sure the dimensions of my swingarm are the same or very close to the FZR in which case I don't want to look at the VFR Swingarm as I don't want to cut the frame, as this would be very messy, if the dimensions of the Cat are different to the FZR then it might be an option. I'm only looking into the feasibility of this right now, I've not stripped her back to measure up or anything like that, just wanted to see if it's been done and if there is some advice to be had. Thanks
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