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  1. DT125r Owner

    STOLEN ..

    it took me a few times to realise but that was fucking funny
  2. sorry about all these questions but do i need a terminal strip and one of these http://www.ebay.co.u...6#ht_1682wt_905 or just one or the other cause i have allready ordered the linked one and does it matter which side the live cable goes in like you mentioned with the bullet clips. that should be my last question ^^ would this be the correct terminal strip so many variations http://www.ebay.co.u...f#ht_500wt_1156
  3. after purchacing this one i think it was the wrong one http://www.ebay.co.u...32#ht_808wt_905 where do the indicators sit?
  4. in your other post im not to sure what you mean by the electrical connector.could you link one from ebay im ordering all my bits now including a tailtidy kit but im unsure on what rearlight to purchace any ideas?
  5. yeah im very aware of these bikes being stolen since they can be carryed and im only insured third party so i tend to keep an eye out and only park it in fairly safe places and im in the habbit of carrying a disc lock in my bike jacket pocket which probably wouldn't help much if they really wanted it. im going to purchace this bike cover http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OXFORD-STORMEX-WATERPROOF-MOTOR-BIKE-MOTORCYCLE-COVER-M-/220694418347?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item33626993ab#ht_3936wt_1079
  6. you have been very helpfull i will order the bits and hopfully getting it working fully again and do you know which size bike cover is the best fit for a dt medium or large?
  7. i bought it on the 31st august and i use it everyday since its my first form of transport and i drive it to work on the weekdays
  8. the red wire was the only one cut plymouth devon
  9. oh my god thank you so much and is a bullet connector really needed cant i just connect the two wires directly and do you think my fuses would of blown if it was cut while it was off? and which wire is the live one, red and the other one is brown and about the crimping tool does it need to be specific or can i just use a pair of pliers?
  10. and do you know anywhere i can buy most parts for my bike like the cdi metal bar and stuff like the pins that hold down the speedo to the bike? This is what i meant by the pins that hold down the speedo and this is what i meant about the wire being cut originally the red wire was connected to the plastic thing with the brown wire and there was a metal rod connecting them which i have lost thanks
  11. yeah i'll post some pictures tommorrow afternoon thanks for trying to help me out
  12. is that what their called sorry im usless with part names its those rubber plugs which are held in place by small metal pins which holds the speedo and rev meter to the bike at the moment i have taped it down but they keep moving out of place. and do you know what the name is for the little metal rod that connect the two cables together which plug into the speedo to restrict it i've searched on the internet but i'vr had no luck probably becuase im using the wrong names
  13. nothing at all will run of the battery with only the ignition turned on and if my bike is ticking over my lights go all dim and if i use my horn my bike stalls (on tickover only) and do you know anywhere i can buy most parts for my bike like the cdi metal bar and stuff like the pins that hold down the speedo to the bike? thanks for replying i really want to fix it :L
  14. i just recently bought my first bike and im loving it :-)
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