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  1. Hi Removing swing arm you ave to release monoshock pin and the pinion bolt that runs through the frame & swing arm and obviously the rear wheel all pretty simple . When I did this I bought a new swing arm bolt and bush set from ebay for £20 worth doing this whilst its of. Jap lac is also a good paint to use on the frame it gives a good finish even though its brush applied. ope this elps
  2. Well my mx was the talk of the pub last night after I had read the top speed of a 125 I thought surely my 175 would beat this so subsequently I told everyone, Now I have to return to said pub with the knowledge I was given false information, Thanks a bloody bunch!!!! By the way Up yours I did look behind me and I still couldnt find reverse.
  3. Hope it wasnt your name change that crashed this site Airhead!!! I think wot Seanna was after is whether a combined rectifier/regulator would work on me bike or is just safer to fit the both separate like.? Cheers
  4. Bin following this thread hope you can help does anyone know were reverse is on my mx?
  5. Yep indeed I did lose the tail pipe in what felt like 100mph winds this morn with all eyes on me as I rode through Brighton first thing with the tailpipe sticking out of my bag trying not to make too much noise but judging by the looks I got I failed and indeed the studs did loosen somewhat during her maiden voyage But for now all is well with her. So any newbies out there tighten all at all times these bikes love to rattle loose any bolt or nut they can BLOODY GOOD FUN THOUGH!!!!! Will post pics soon Geo
  6. Ey Up ladies and gents Happy newness to all with a big thank you from me for all your great input and joviality. Wishing all the best for all NICE ONE SEANNA Whens that camping trip O G ? Geo
  7. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ONE AND ALL Sounds like you lot have been busy.What ignition should I buy any one got a code/part number or summat? Seanna I am nearly through Iraq me yak is a bit knacked so had to slow the pace down. Will be with yer shortly Cheers Geo
  8. OK am on it might lose reception in Afghanistan though
  9. Oh god the bill!! Didn't I mention I am actually in Nepal right now great wi fi up here See yer soon George
  10. Nice one Neo lookin good fancy a run out when i am on the road?
  11. Seanna You are a star praise be to the wonders of you
  12. O G your baffled!!!!! I just wanted to zip about on a nice little bike taking in the scenery whilst I stop once in while to listen to the birds singing perhaps taking a green lane or two along my merry way Now i have 1 and a half DT175/125 MXs Ive managed about 25miles riding until the rings blew . Swapped barrels over with much help and gratitude to Seanna. Managed around 15miles then the leccy went. Then I find out the engine base is a LC All a bit much for someone who hasnt gone near a bike for 25 odd years So Its not yer age just a lot gone on with me bike. Cynic Cheers for t
  13. Ok is there also a possibility that the gearbox has been swapped over as the engine with the 10v prefix does look identical to the mx engine.?????
  14. IT is about the mx O G but as that bike turned into a 175 now the other engine from the other bike has turned from a mx to a lc by the looks of things.I suppose because they are simple to strip they are simple to swap things over.So back to the thread!! Would it be easier to take of the magneto from the mx and fit in the lc engine? Any ideas anyone? Cheers Geo
  15. Nice one Dirty Thanks for takin the time to do that Ye be a star !!!
  16. Hi and a word of advice. Don't let any possums, especially excited ones near your bike
  17. Thanx ventura That be a great help "Let the dog see the rabbit " now I can Cheers again and good luck with the rebuild
  18. Col thanks for that The new loom has all the wires matching to the drawing we think! So here's hoping Its good to know the mag has plenty to work with that brings peace of mind Will let you know the outcome if there ever is one!!! Cheers for the offer of a tickle seanna maybe Friedee ? Cheers Geo
  19. Ey Up Ventura Thought ide let you know went to me mates last thur just after i sent the post. He took me to his workshop to show his new pride and joy a 1976 c70 obviously not the speed demon that you have but a smart bike all workin complete with original tool kit. Funny old world perhaps you guys are on the edge of the next big thing. The wiring into your magneto do have any photos ? I need to replace some if not all the wires any advice? Cheers Geo
  20. All isnt lost try the valve settings first Even if you do have to take the head of it can be done I new very little about bikes only a couple of months ago now I can strip mine and put it back together with knowledge. My advice is find somewhere warm ish to work on her and chip away dont give up there isnt much too them so in theory there isnt much to fix comparative to cars and vans Geo
  21. Cynic the donor bike is in bits I used the panels barrel. piston, lights, kickstart, stand, among-st other things. I am only a novice at this but would recommend having a spare bike its like havin a shop in your shed full of spares. The electrics on my bike where at a bare minimum with the coil,rectifier and cdi unit all under the tank I ran the lighting direct of the battery(without the charge) with a fuse built into the circuit.Now I want to fit a new loom and have reached the conundrum of the severed wires at the engine casing any advice would be appreciated as I am a bit worried that I
  22. Well first off I would like to get her going so simple wiring, then once I am happy that she runs ok the I will fit the new loom. Soz that I am not fully open with the info will try harder next time Cheers Geo
  23. The colors I gave you where of all the wires that head towards the magneto the guy who had it before me ran the bike on his own wiring so I am now in this position where I have to fit a new loom and reinstate the original electrical plan hence my concern about the magneto wiring
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