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  1. Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying a FJ1200. Does the timing chain need replaced like a car. And if so what miles does it need to be changed at. Thanks
  2. HI Thanks The choke is not on a cable, I'd tried both those. If i turn tickover away off its fine, and when I set it so it ticks over ok, when I blip throttle it just revs up. I got a new throttle today so hopefully get it on tomorrow. But now I need a fuse box and starter relay.
  3. I'm looking for the top fairing for a 86 xj600. White with red, black,grey strips. I dont need the bracket. You can email me on [email protected] Thanks
  4. davyb

    1986 XJ600 Parts

    Breaking a 1986 XJ600 Parts Engine with 30,000mls Carbs, wheels, some plastics, tank, Brake calipers, disc etc. Email [email protected] with details and I'll get back to you. Thanks
  5. 1984 XJ600 Revs UP! I've just got me bike ready for Mot. Its been off the road for a few years. I put a set of reconditioned carbs on it, but when you blip the throttle it revs up to 3-4k and wont come back down. I have to switch it off. Any help / ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Davy
  6. Hi All. What type of oil do I need to get for 1986 XJ600, and how much does engine take. Thanks D
  7. hi brilliant thanks D
  8. 1986 XJ600 Forks. Hi, Can anyone tell me what oil goes into forks and how much should be in them. Thanks D
  9. davyb

    Air Valve

    Thanks, where is best place to get yamaha parts in UK.
  10. davyb

    Air Valve

    Hi I just got a set of forks for my 1984 XJ600. One of the air valves is broken. Where could I get a set? I see one on ebay off a suzuki gs1000 would this fit. Thanks
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