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    1978 Yamaha Chappy 80cc
  1. I swapped out my 80 for a lifan 125 4 speed 4 up. Had to make some engine mount mods and space the.motor over 4 mil to line it up on the sprocket. First time I did t have tolerances tight enough and it shook the mounts off the frame, wore the rear sprocket and wore some mount holes. . 2nd time increased bolt size to m10 on bottom mount and drilled out mount to 10. This time got everything super tight... Any slop and the 125 is just too much and shakes her. Thought about dampeners but after getting her tight, she is running great. Also threw on the nitro injection straight into the air cleaner for sh#& and giggles. Oh... So the top mount we built a leaf that shot 2 studs up thru the existing mount holes. The leaf held the motor with a tab on each side of the bolt hole. Cheers
  2. http://www.pccmotor.com/lifan-125cc-motor-eng.html
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