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  1. Thanks for replying ! I thought the headlight worked when the engine wasn't runing, just off the battery ?
  2. Hi. I am trying to get the bike back on the road, after rebuild it the headlight dosent work as there isn't any power getting to it, can anyone tell me which cable should take the power to the headlight . Thanks.
  3. You were right, the alignment marks were wrong , Thanks Pete.
  4. Thats the carb sorted, the spring in the needle valve was dead, i replaced it along with the valve seat, it was brown and manky. The clutch is fine but i can't understant why i can't get neutral wether the bike is running or not, I can get 1st or 2nd but it just flicks past neutral, Anyone got any ideas?
  5. The forks do have 2 inch extensions but i have made the stand longer so the angle isn't a problem, i will just give it a clean and maybe adjust the tab a bit more. Thanks for that! PS Does anyone else have trouble putting Photos on this site?
  6. Thanks for that, Yes i will try adjusting the clutch and i will swap the needle valve from another carb to see if that makes any difference. Thanks again Pete.
  7. Hi, After an 8 month restoration i started the bike today and surprise surprise it started and runs really well, but i have a few problems! 1 Fuel leaks from the carb overflow. 2 I can't get neutral. 3 The headlights don't work, just the side light. I would appreciate any advice I would add a photo if i knew how Thanks Pete.
  8. Problem solved, i presumed i had made a big mistake when putting the wireing together but no, i should have checked the easy things first. The oil light bulb was blown and the neutral switch isn't working, Thanks for your advice folks.
  9. I had one of these bikes about 30 years ago and i thought i remembered a red ignition light, maybe i am getting it mixed up with another bike. Thanks for your advice! Am i right in thinking the headlight only works when the engine is running? Thanks again Pete.
  10. Hi, I have been restoring the bike for about 6 months now and its nearly all together, i put the new battery in and tried the electrics... the good news is it has a good spark the side light works on the second click of the key and the back light works! But no headlight no ignition light no neutral light and the horn dosn't work.. ..I havn't tried to start the bike yet as i want to get the electrics right first. I will try to put a photo on here soon. If anyone has any advice as to what the problem could be it would be greatly apreciated.
  11. Ok I guess i will have to adjust the spokes to move the rim across. Thanks Pete.
  12. Hi, I am rebuilding a 78 dt..I have three front wheels and when i fit them they are all off center, ie the distance from rim to the fork is bigger on the brake side! Surely the wheel should be in the middle of the forks, can anyone confirm this. Thanks Pete.
  13. And trere was me thinking there was nowhere for it to go because there are no brackets for it on the frame..it never occured to me that it would go on the inner mudguard that isn't on the bike yet. Problem solved..Thanks a lot.
  14. Hi, I am new to this forum and posted this somewhere else but this seems to be the place, hope so . I am restoring a 78 dt 175 mx it cost £370 and was basicly sound underneath all the oily mud My problem is the cdi unit was in the place that the tool kit should b, so i don't know where it should be, i can't see any obvious brackets. If anyone could tell me where the cdi unit goes i would be most greatfull!!! Thanks Pete.
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