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  1. Cheers Noise.... Might have to mess about with it over winter if you're about. Spoke to the guys at Cider County Customs today as they have an XVS 1100 and he's happy for me to compare my bike's back end with his to see if it can be done. Swingarms could be similar but different fasteners and fittings could make it difficult. The only way I'm going to find out is to get hold of a loan wheel and see if it will work. I don't suppose anyone local has an XVS 1100 in pieces at the moment that wouldn't mind helping out with a bit of research? Auzz
  2. Hello again. I'm coming up for renewing my rear tyre and am going to go with the Avon I think. But I've noticed the holes for the spokes on the hub are elongated and as making the loose spoke sound. Obviously I'm concerned about this and am planning a change. Has anyone tried to fit an XVS 1100 rear wheel to a 650 (uprating the brakes to disk ultimately)? Will it fit? Concerns are drive shaft alignment and offset, mounting the calliper I'm not overly worried about right now. Plan to use the 650 drive shaft and final drive if possible but may consider an upgrade there too if it's necessary. All opinions appreciated. Auzz
  3. I've found a t12b-4 but as my car still hasn't passed its MOT I can't get it! Bike will have to sit and wait until I come back now. Not got time or patience for anything. If it was at Yeovil I'd ask you over to look at it with me noise. Someday I'll actually have all my belongings in one postcode!!
  4. Cheers. Sadly my car and my bike have been the bane of my life and bank balance this week! The bike is outside my girlfriend's house in Southsea where I have no tools or equipment so can't begin to diagnose the issue. I'm getting my car fixed as I'm on leave now and need to drive back to Yeovil tomorrow. I'll worry about the bike next week. I just need to get it back on base to it's garage. How much space is there for a different battery? the Halfords suggestion is 149x70x105 but there is a similar type with dimensions of 151x88x131 I can buy off the shelf today
  5. Howdy. Battery died on the XVS 650 this week at the worst time. But it seems to have happened since fitting LED indicators and load resistors. Weird. Anyway, as I'm new to the biking world I thought I'd ask the question. What batteries will fit in the 98 XVS 650? Halfords list a Bosch M6 013 but as usual never have any in stock. Does anyone have any experience with fitting alternative batteries? All advice appreciated. Auzz
  6. Was just on Ebay and this popped up on the homepage. Quite a few colours that could work on your tins. I like the pearl white with black frame idea personally. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Military-Vehicle-Paint-2-5Ltr-5Ltr-Cans-All-Colours-/220725241176?_trksid=p4012.m1374&_trkparms=algo%3DPI.WATCH%26its%3DC%26itu%3DUCC%26otn%3D12%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D3166979261844304388#ht_833wt_906
  7. Looked amazing on the ride out on sunday Keith. Very impressed. Dunno if you could do anything with these? Should be of similar size to what you're after? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/XS-1100-complete-footrests-chop-chopper-project-bobber-/180718965396?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item2a13b09294#ht_500wt_1156
  8. Yeah I'm not looking for land speed records out of it... I bought it to cruise on after all. Just curious if upgrading carbs or the like is gonna give any boost later down the line. I guess louder exhausts will just make it feel faster, so I'll settle for that!!
  9. Thought I'd share some pics of my newest arrival on here. I bought it for my birthday this year already pretty much customized, I've added a few minor touches so far but have plans for more. So, as I bought it: After I messed with it: Looking to have an alternate set of bars, either beach style or Chubby Knuckle 1 1/4 bars and hopefully a springer front end. Although I may just save that idea for when I build a classic bike into a bobber once I get a garage. Whitewall paint has failed so will look into replacing it or just replacing the tyres with Avon's that are already whitewalled. Auzz
  10. The bottom pic is available thru Flyrite choppers and you could easily substitute the pipe for something similar and cool as the Jim Beam bottle, with a little sealant of course. http://www.flyritechoppers.com/Pg/FRCParts.html#gages
  11. I'm right under Ham Hill in Stoke. I fix them annoying noisy things that constantly plague the skies of Yeovil and surrounding areas for the Navy! Will post some pics in the gallery soon. Auzz
  12. Very valid question... coming up for 69k Miles. Not sure when, if ever, the seals were changed. TLC is overdue
  13. A capacitance fuel sensor would work in pretty much any application. This one is capable of digital and analogue output and has a GPS tracker which screams lower insurance premiums to me: http://www.weiku.com/products/2334978/GPS_tracker_with_fuel_sensor.html I like the simplicity and look of the old school sight glass personally:
  14. Lovely looking bike you have there Keith. I'm local to you and have a similar beast but in black. Would be interested in meeting up and seeing what you've achieved and talking shop at some stage. Loving the bobber look. Mine was done before I bought it so all personal touches I make are minor in comparison to what you've been through. Looking forward to seeing how it ends up. Auzz
  15. Hmmm as I expected. Nothing is ever that easy. Is there much of a performance tuning area for the 650's to increase the longevity of fun and power? Mine is still a lot of fun but personal experience from performance vehicles means some day I'm gonna want more out of it! Cheers for the quick reply Ttaskmaster. Auzz
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