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  1. The engine and frame number is the same. Its all stock except I modified few.
  2. HI everyone! I would like to ask regarding DT 125 Reed Valve. Is reed valve should totally closed upon inspection? I noticed mine has a gap of about 1 mm, all four petals, though they are correctly installed. Next, can this gap cause combustion leaks? And finally, Can this gap affect my idle? Thanks
  3. Problem solved: Ignition Timing... Cheers!!!
  4. Hi everyone! I encountered hard starting with my DT even when the engine is warm. Everytime i check the plug, it's wet. Replacing with dry plug will easily start. I observed a weak spark so i replaced the source coil (reading is 150 ohms). The new source coil has a reading of 420 ohms. Now, i can easily start her but the problem is, she give me a little bit rough ride especially on 3000rpm and rough deceleration from 4K rpm and up to 3K rpm. Idle is ok but unstable. At first start, she gave me 2K rpm idle but after a test run, it will drop to 1k rpm so i need to adjust again. I cleaned the carb, even replace the pilot jet and main jet but it's still the same. It's like a sort of timing problem. Is there a way I can adjust the timing? I'm just wondering, before I have a nice ride with her but after i changed the source coil its different. I tried to reinstall the old one but it can no longer start the bike. Is this an electrical problem? Data for my electrical system are as follows: Source coil - 420 ohms (new), 150 ohms (old) Ignition Coil Primary - 1 ohm Secondary - 5K ohms Pulse coil - 9 ohms Plug cap - replaced with new one Plug - NGK B8ES Thank you
  5. Hi Thumper! Impressive speed. Nice tires and handle bar too!
  6. One of the most durable bikes of 70s I've ever known. How's the problem rh? Did you fixed her up?
  7. Hi oldgitonabike! What a beautiful shiny Mikuni VM26ss carb! I have this on my DT 100 and DT 125. Im just wondering what is the standard air screw turns for this carb. Is it the same for both DTs?
  8. Hi rh! You got one beautiful green enduro!
  9. Hi Cynic! Thanks for this info. How about Mikuni Carb VM26SS and TM28-92 for DTs particularly on Pilot air screw turns. Is it the same as VM24SS? Thanks
  10. Oh thanks NEV! I have no idea there is some documents regarding Frame Numbers that exist like this. Anyway, thank you so much for the effort Nev, I really appreciate it. I'm happy i've found this site, you really help us a lot - keep up the good work guys! Nev, I'll post some of the troubles/ issues i encountered with my bike and i need your opinion together with Oldgitonabike but i think i will post it on a desired forum soon.
  11. Hi NEV! Thanks for the info. Me neither, Im not sure about the year model but its registration certificate states its 1995. Anyway, its frame number is 4AR-014600.
  12. Here's my DT 125, 1995 model, aircooled, all stock engine, but i don't know what kind of DT class (is it X?). I've made some modifications recently like lifting the rear until the rear mudguard will just little bit higher than front mudguard by mounting monoshock extender but my sidestand becomes shorter so i'll replace my sidestand with a longer one soon. Also, i installed clear tube from autolube to carb to monitor 2T oil flow. Next, i installed external fuel filter between fuel tap and carb. Then lastly, i installed a smaller mirror.
  13. Hi NEV. I'll post my DT on the gallery soon. I'll have to make my photobucket account first.
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