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    Yamaha TRX850 (1999) Yamaha TDM 900 (2006)

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    Cinema, Bikes, Nature, Style, anything worth a look.

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  1. Sounds more like a battery problem to me.
  2. I think I found what I was looking for here : http://jbx9.free.fr/tdm/index.php If that can be of any interest for you guys.
  3. Hi, I was browsing the net in search of a wiring diagram for my '06 TDM 900, and I ended up here. I had never heard of this forum and I thought I'd give it a go. I am an active member of lestrixeux.fr which is a TRX850 dedicated forum, so I know that making a proper presentation is always nice before asking for help. And so here goes. I'm 47, Walloon (French speaking Belgian), I've ridden bikes my whole life. I wish I could say all of them were Yamahas, but come to think of it, as I have owned something like 30 bikes ranging from Ducati to Moto-Guzzi, and from Honda to Kawasaki, it would be pretty sad for me if had never had a look somewhere else. So, here's a picture of my pride and joy, the bike I'll always keep no matter what, a bike so rare and yet so gripping, I named the Yamaha TRX 850 : This is one I bought, stripped entirely and made to my taste, but I finally sold it as I couldn't bring myself up to sell the original one who is MY TRX. I'll spare you the pictures of my TDM 900, because it as at the moment in quite a pityful state... The bike has recently catched a tree branch that fell off during a storm. The branch totally ruined the front of the bike, exploding in the same time the contact and immobilizer (reason for which I'm looking for the wiring diagram). I bought all the parts necessary to bring it back to life, I just need to start the engine (which I'm quite eager to hear running as I bought the bike never having heard the sound of the engine...). Well that's it I guess. ;-) (no smileys here ?)
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