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  1. Hi all. Ive got a Thundercat and have lately have been thinking about buying a set of aftermarket clip ons, and setting them under the yoke as opposed to the standard ones being above. Am i able to do this? Has anyone done it and how did they find it? Cheers
  2. Any one from around the Cardiff area know of any ride-outs, meets etc? Dont hear of much going on down this way
  3. Hi all, Ive got a Thundercat 2002 year. Im looking for fully adjustable levers, but cant seem to find any. I dont mind if they are the short ones or long ones. Went to M&P today and they have trak tech, but dont list any for my bike. Anyone know where i might get some? Cheers
  4. gezzer6447

    xj600 raise

    Hi guys, i started a topic about this before, but im not sure i completely explained what i wanted Ive got an xj600 95 plate, and i want to raise the back end to make it look more of a streetfighter. Only problem is, i cant find any kits to achieve this, is there another shock from a different bike that i could use? or does someone know another way? Cheers in advance
  5. Haha no worries. You know if they make them for this bike? Ive tried looking on ebay and the like but cant seem to find them lol. cheers
  6. Ha! Had a slight thought that someone might say that Ive seen a few bandits (only bike ive really seen with these kits on), that have the back end raised, and have read that they've used a 'jack up kit', now being relitively new to road bikes, i know that i like the look, but im not 100% sure on how to achieve it Cheers
  7. Yo guys My names Alfie, from around the cardiff area, passed my test a few months ago and now have a xj600 98 year. One question to ask, ive been looking for a jack up kit for the bike, but cant seem to find one, do they actually make them for this bike? or is there somthing else i could do to get the same effect? Cheers in advance.
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