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  1. The RD400C but in the 250 blue colour, not Marine blue. I restored it in 2006 and sold it to the present owner in April this year, mine is the special parked next to it.
  2. 5 of the Air Cooled RD club members have just come back from the south of France where they did 2500 miles in a week. Well only 4 made it, two if them had RD250E air cooled's, one RD400C and the other was a RD400E. the RD350B never made it due to the electric ignition failing.
  3. Only just seen this as I have not been on lately, sorry. Yes I can do a vin check to see if DVLA has it on there database (This costs a fiver) If its not on the DVLA database we will need to register it on a age related number plate. You can email me at [email protected] and that way I am sure to get back to you.
  4. Janet Street Porter and Carole Thatcher and we could have a threesome.
  5. Bargain I think, I would not do that work for that price.
  6. Just one thing to rermember. I MOT test I am quoting is for the UK. I am not sure if your in Ireland as I am a UK MOT tester, it could be different rules.
  7. Mervin has just sent me over here. The MOT tester is talking bollox and he should not even be looking at the speedo. There are no checks in any part of the MOT that require him to lok at it. You dont even need a speedo for an MOT Ask the tester for an apeals form (He has to give it to you) Fill it out and you will win the apeal. If you were in my area you could bring it to me and I would pass it even if the speedo was not there. and in case your not sure check this out. http://www.transportoffice.gov.uk/crt/doitonline/bl/mottestingmanualsandguides/mottestingmanualsandguides.htm
  8. All you need is your MOT,. dating certifcate, insurance, some ID and form V55/5 take this to your local DVLA office with the £55 plus road tax and that should be it. Thay may ask to inspect the bike.
  9. I have to explain to people when I print off a certifcate, I do get some funny looks as if I am trying to rip them off. The advisorys printed on the MOT are a good idea but the traders hate it because the buyers can see them.
  10. Hi mate The frame number may well be there, mask the surrounding areas and apply some nitromores to remove the power coat in that area, do not use any abrasives. I should be able to find the chassis number by the reg number but there is a £10 fee so if you can find it yourself that the best way. And if you do find this it may well be worth the £10 fee to see if it matches whats on record. To apply for the v5 is easy when you have the numbers, you just send DVLA £25 and it takes a few weeks, If your bike was registered before 1st August 1999 then you can get away without a visable chassis number for the MOT but you will need to resent the V5 when you get it. I find DT frame numbers are usualy more visable than the RD numbers for some reason. Tampered numbers should be reported to VOSA by the MOT inspector so no number is better than a tampered number. DVLA do not check or use engine numbers for registration but the correct number should be listed on the V5. Where do you live? if your local and im passing I would take a look or if your passing the MOT staion I work in I could take a look there, im in Hampshire
  11. Thats fine mate Many are now rubber mounted. All Harleys are like this now. I would pass it and have passed a couple like this just last week.
  12. The noise for the MOT inspector is at his discretion. I have never failed a bike with pipes that are too loud. Harleys are loud as standard Where do you live?
  13. I have one, the parts are worth good money but not an ideal project for a flat tracker. They are good for vintage twin shocks trials. Want to sell it?
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