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    Yammy Virago 535 Suzi GN250 (Previously: 4xGN250s, GN125, 50ccVivashitty)

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    Bikes, cocktails & chocolate.
  1. carol.x


    Lol! Sorry! Try again next year. Hope you had an ace time though =]
  2. carol.x


    I nod at bikers. Not at scooters though. I had a scooter back in the day, so I know how they think. I wave at harley riders though, just because it's fun because you won't get any responce back from them. (still even now I've got a nearly cruiser!)
  3. Hahaaa! My bad xD Still getting used to the controls! Thanks for the welcome! Bacon sandwiches all round.
  4. 1. Peugoet 50cc Vivacity X Race 2. Suzuki GN125 3. Suzuki GN250 4. Suzuki GN250 5. Suzuki GN250 6. Yamaha Virago535 +a smattering of other bikes that were bought but never ridden.
  5. I never really made a concious decision to get a bike, I just accepted it as something that happened when I was 16 (but after my GCSE exams so I didn't get tooo distracted) However whats kept me into bikes is the people, and the cheap insurence. And the fact I can't pass my driving test. Aso, my parents met at a bike club at university, so if it wasn't for bikes I wouldn't exist!
  6. Going shopping!!! Ive not been for weeeks, so today the economy will be greatly fed.
  7. Hellooo! I'm Carol. I'm from Sheffield/Lincoln. I have a Virago 535 as of about a week ago. And its awsome & I love it. Do you lot have many meets & rideouts? Bcus I'm currently finding it difficult to find people to go out riding with. People are generally a bit warey when a 19yo girl approaches you in the street and begs you to be their friend :L (Yes, I've tried that, without success.) Have a lovely day, Carol xx
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