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  1. Yep I had one, got a clout round the ear from my dad for shooting the neighbours lad on his arse.
  2. This site offers a simple explanation of tyre size and profile, worth a quick read. https://lifeatlean.com/motorcycle-tyre-sizes-and-profiles-explained/
  3. That definitely happened to me, who do I claim from ?
  4. Yeah, seen them on the telly, still *only* in my middle 50's so remember the larger £1 notes and the larger £5, but not the white ones :-)
  5. And I bet that £1 was green and made from paper.... Mind you I am told that fivers were white at one time as well :-)
  6. Not sure I could handle the screen image being reversed, I would worry that at a quick glance I could miss something.
  7. When you say it wont start, what are the actual symptoms of not starting, does the starter motor still spin the engine? More details of what's happening when it wont start are needed.
  8. Anything can be done, but why would you want to? I had a 650 Dragstar Classic and to be honest with the riding position I can't see why you would want to go any quicker than what the standard engine gives you, trying to hang on at anything above legal speeds was not much fun. Probably easier to swap for a 1100 or 1300 Dragstar if you want bigger.
  9. Yes very confusing as he also says in the title that its a Dragstar = XVS So come on chado100 what have you actually got a Virago XV400 or Dragstar XVS400?
  10. As far as I am aware the XVS400 is identical to the XVS650 apart from the smaller engine bore. This site seems to confirm that. https://www.autoevolution.com/moto/yamaha-xvs-400-dragstar-1997.html#aeng_yamaha-xvs-400-dragstar-1997-400
  11. I wouldn't class 0.3ma as a big drain, as I said I have to have my bike hooked up to a charger as the alarm/immobiliser and clock will kill the battery in a few weeks otherwise. What size is your battery in Ah ? And you might want to introduce your self in the new members section as a lot wont answer if you don't, its just classed as being polite to introduce yourself first.
  12. If the immobiliser was easy to find and disconnect it would be a waste of time having one. This is the reason why if my bike with alarm and immobiliser is not being used for anything over two weeks it has to be hooked up to the Optimate charger.
  13. Its a shame we are currently without a motorhome as that looks really good and Victoria park is right next to the Caravan Club site.
  14. First get your self some proper penetrating fluid such as PlusGas, WD40 is not what you need for this. Depending on your skill level you could weld a nut onto the remains of the bolts, then once the PlusGas has been applied a few times, use heat to free them up. Alternatively google Easy Out bolt extractors. If you just try to drill them out you will more than likely damage the thread and then would have to use Helicoils or threaded inserts to repair.
  15. Interesting you recommend that as it was designed to be in direct competition to the Honda VFR800 :-)
  16. Both me and the wife have the HJC IS Max flip front, and I find it quieter than my old Shark non flip.
  17. I also just started having this today, although the speed of disappearance seems to vary.
  18. The C88 is the actual import entry form, usually the shipping agent/courier would fill that in for you and present it to HMRC for customs clearance. I used to work in shipping (Ferrymasters, TNT, Cavewood), the forms are easy enough if you take one box at a time using the guidance notes.
  19. Hi Welcome to the YOC You may want to fill in more of your profile such as your location as it helps if people know where you are when giving advice.
  20. I do not have any experience of this form, just had a quick look and you only have to fill in pages 1 & 2 which seems simple enough. Your query with HMRC though is the fact that you are not importing a complete vehicle just the frame, I would give them a call and speak to them about it.
  21. I was in a similar position when I changed from the XVS650, I tried a lot of different touring bikes, BMW & Triumph just didn't feel right, It came down to either the Yamaha FJR1300 or the Honda ST1300, I ended up with the Honda as my budget wouldn't run to the newer FJR which I preferred to the older one. At some point I may swap the Honda for the newer FJR once the prices come down, but at this point the Honda does everything I need it to and a 2 hour non stop trip to the coast is not a problem for me or the wife.
  22. You will have to get a MOT first before you can register it with DVLA
  23. Who are you using for the shipping, VAT is payable at entry so if its coming on a reputable carrier you wont get it delivered until you pay the VAT and Duty if there is any.
  24. First commute of the year today, didn't notice until I was out of the house that I still had my summer gloves in the helmet so had to use the heated grips, a bit foggy but still felt good.
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