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  1. Name: YAMAHA RX100 (1987) Date Added: 12 August 2011 - 10:47 PM Owner: Razer100 Short Description: Currently restored bike View Vehicle
  2. Razer100

    Yamaha RX100

    Thanx bro..... here is some finishing touches...
  3. I got my bike back...

    1. munna


      hai Razer..plzz give me ur mob nbr..

  4. Razer100

    Yamaha RX100

    Todays bike updates
  5. Razer100

    Yamaha RX100

    When i was in 10th standard one day one of my uncle come to our home in a rusty unwashed bike... i just looked at it for a moment and saw one yamaha badging on its petrol tank.I eagerly asked about this bike to uncle,he said that it is an rx100 in a bad engine condition.He have'nt used it for a year ,he sold his second bike ..that was why he used rx100 dat day.He also told me that he is going to restore this bike. I thought it was a joke because i heared that yamaha stopped rx100 production about 10 years ago.I forget this subject and get engaged in some other works.Weeks passed,one day i went to uncle's house.He was not there.After a long chat with my cousin nandu i was about to leave the house.When i reached the carporch i noticed dat a bike is covered with a polythene cover.I just take the cover of and surprised to see a fully restored rx100 dat shine in front of me.I fell in love at first sight.I stayed there till my uncle come home.He said that all the pareparts are availabe and cost 40,000Rs for the restore. He placed its key in my hand and smiled at me.I slowly pulled the gear to neutral and gently kicked.Engine starts with a gizzz in a half kick.When i just push the first gear and release the clutch, i understand that it is beast.What a feeling...... i ride the bike for some minutes and fell unconditionable love with him.After 3 years when i joined graduation,bike still sounds in my mind,i had an idea about the bikes... dat time i came to know that bike in my mind is a living legend in india... always in its young age.Simple but powerful.There is a 'RX' mania on every campus in india.It beats many 250 bikes in several racecs.Its racy noisy smoke fills every heart. After my graduation eventhough rx is rare to buy,i got a chance to buy one 1987 model japan made rx100.That day i thought i'm the most happiest man in the world becoz my dreams come to reality.I even have'nt slept for days...Bike i got is not in a good condition actually.Many new gen bikes tried to made a race with me/outrun me.But i know my bike's condition so i did'nt bet them.Now i'm restoring my bike.. i wouild like to share my experience with u my brothers.... pls adjust my language...pardon me for my bad english... :-) RX100 perfomance
  6. Razer100

    Yamaha RX100

    Im rebuilding my 1987 model rx100. Updates till now 1.Replaced Cylinder kit 2.Clutch bell assambly 3.Wiring kit 4.Engine bearings 5.Silenser 6.All external body kits and parts 7.New tyres(CEAT india) 8.Virgin Blue paint At workshop now.... photos will be uploaded soon
  7. "Im rebuilding my bike " ... On road with in 2 weeks.

    1. munna


      plzz i need ur help... thagalude bike restor cheythathu evideyanu....plzz give me miss call my nbr 0097430019234

  8. Hai all I'm sreehari from kerala.Im a student and own a yamaha rx100.I tried several times to get registered here before,but i got my chance now.Feeling happy and proud to be with u my brothers.
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