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  1. It turns over too easily. I kick it to start it bit there feels like there is no compression. How could that happen from just sitting in the garage for a week?
  2. Hi Having problems starting the bike. It was working fine till one day I tried starting it and the kick starter goes down really easy and not enough to make the bike turn over. Any ideas?
  3. Ha. Same happened to me with my '77 dt400. The needle in the carb had holes corroded into it letting extra gas into the engine. Sprayed it with paint which sealed the holes. Has been perfect since!
  4. Purchased a yellow '77 dt400 Looking for: Tool kit Side yellow snap on pieces Part catalog?
  5. on this bike does it say anywhere on the bike the size of the motor? i am looking at one to buy and noticed that it didnt say it was a 400 anywhere on it.
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