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  1. hi all thanks for the replies. After some welcome advice from Graham i have found a 2010 1300 midnight star with only 2k on the clock really cheap. I have taken it out for a test and was really impressed. really smooth and a good bit of oomph when i wanted to accelerate. just getting the money together and sorting out my firestorm and i will be on my way cruising the roads. cheers phil
  2. Hi I have recently joined the group and would like some advice. a bit of background info first - my first official bike was a 650 dragstar and for a newly full licence rider was excellent to get to grips with and raise my confidence. I have since had a few bikes and have been a m/bike courier in london and around uk. Now the recent stuff - I have done all of the speedy stuff and seeing as i am getting on a bit now, need a comfort bike rather than a speedy one but would still like a bit of oomph when i need it. I have looked at the 1900 midnight star and can get a pretty good deal on a new one. any advice on this bike would be great as trying to get a test ride is proving difficult. A couple of point wanted.... 1) is there any vibration when riding - especially for a passenger 2) how good is the MPG - want to travel from cambridge to gloucester and not cost a bomb 3) whats a decent cruising speed for this bike? 4) i see the rear brakes are under the exhaust - can the pads be easily changed or will i need a ramp. a lot I know but hopefully this will be my last bike.. Any help greatfully appreciated phil
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