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  1. yes the surge is recent it started bought a mounth ago. have only road it bought 5 times since. i put new plugs in bout a week afetr it started. visually looked at the fuel filtwer while had the tank off. no power comander that i see either. have to be hide prty good if there is one. i have had all the plastic off. no mark/or scratch on vin plate either. im callin the dealer tomro.
  2. i bought it 7 yrs ago it came with MIG high mount exhuast, not sure as to what jets are in the carbs . no i did not get iridum plugs, just stock replacment NGKs. left them gaped they way they came, just made sure they werent smashed flat. no special air filter, still has factory air box. i have noticed that the surge is starting to come on around 2800 rpms and going away around 4100-4300 rpms.
  3. hi my name is chris i got a 2000 R1. recently it has developed a decent surge between 3-4000 rpms. i have replaced the spark plugs. the fuel filter is y next objective to replace. air filter might be dirty its been bout 2 seasons since i changed it. if any one has any thoughts bout the surge. it would be sweet for some input. thanks
  4. Name: Yamaha YZFR-1 (2000) Date Added: 25 May 2013 - 01:27 PM Owner: highlanderSD Short Description: 1st rocket had it 7 yrs View Vehicle
  5. Hi everyone. got a 2000 R1. had a loose chain for bout 500 miles. finally tighten it up, now it sounds like i have a bad guide or something. maybe just my chain is bad. i lube it regularly. but it sounds like the chain is dragging against metal or a really bad guide. any thoughts would be great i want a new chain but they dont give them away. thanks for the thouhts.
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    i own a 2000 yamaha R1 this last year it seems to have a lil less responce then it did the prev year. was wondering if its in the carbs , n should i have them cleaned up?
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