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    Bikes, and the wife or she'd kill me!
  1. One advantage of being an owd git.
  2. Just sorted insurance change over for new bike on Saturday. They now owe me as FZ6N S2 works out just under £15 a year cheaper than the YZF R125 Quote me happy, more like bloody extatic!
  3. So picking up the S2 this Saturday just want to know what they are like with a pillion and for the pillion. I say for as dont want to dissapoint her indoors. She's only been on the back of my YZF R125 once, said it was more fun than any Ann Summers party she had been to.
  4. No chance just had confirmation that It will be ready for collection next Saturday, up Rivington Pike on Sunday result. :whistle:
  5. As the title says greetings, just to introduce myself. After 30+ years returned to two wheels, made the mistake of not doing my test back then when I had my RD. Born, live and work in the Bolton area, married for as long as I can remember. Now have four kids, well two are not so much kids now, ages 20, 17, 12 and 10. For the last 18 months been riding a YZF R125 and loved every minute of it. Use the bike as my every day mode of transport as I got sick of the cost and agro of four wheels, leave that to her indoors now. I eventualy got round to doing my DAS a few weeks ago, just got to sa
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