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  1. Why did the thread get locked? Wtf is going on? So it's ok to have jokes about wogs and pakis, lol, but it's not allowed if a group of white redneck racist separatists are the target of the joke? FFS, I've heard it all now. Next you'll be telling me that the Imperial Klans of America and their mates in Combat 18/Blood & Honour are really nothing more than neighbours who get together to share a bottle of Pimms. This is the Random Sub-Forum, which as far as I can tell is meant for anything that doesn't fit into the other Sub-Forums. So as far as I'm concerned, if you lock the thread and refuse to let us have our say, then you obviously have something to hide. Ron Edwards and the IKA were sued by the SPLC cos of an assault a while ago, and Ron Edwards' son formed a group that had somebody arrested for plotting to kill blacks, including Barack Obama. Edwards himself was in court in 1999 due to plotting to kill the co-founder of the SPLC, who just happens to be a darkie. As you can see, I'm no raving lefty, in fact I used to be involved in the right wing movement, and that's why I can laugh at jokes about ethnics and whites. But to say the Klan isn't involved in any violent racist activity, is just laughable. No doubt this thread will be locked too, or even deleted, but hopefully some of you will get to read it before that happens. I must admit, I did piss myself when I read all of that other thread. Fuck sake, us honkies are supposed to be able to laugh at anything, even Hitler had a sense of humour, he used to love Charlie Chaplin. LOL
  2. I may see you there, I'll be wearing a black Simpson RX1, aka Simpson Starwars. And probably a set of Crowtree leathers,.........GSXR colours. LOL And no, they don't match my bike, but my other leathers seem to have shrunk a tad.
  3. Battered

    Having A Drink

    I was sitting down chatting to a girl in the pub last night. One thing lead to another and before I knew it I was groping her tits. She said, "Everybody is looking, do you want to go somewhere a little more private?" I thought, "You kinky bitch" as I slipped two fingers into her fanny.
  4. Shit, my maths is worse than I thought!! I started riding in 1976, so thats 35 years isn't it. PMSL.
  5. You can't put a can on a 1 piece exhaust. I know all about loud pipes, I've been riding 31 years. LOL.
  6. Ghostrider has recently got back from filming at the Nurburgring on his GSXR and in his Subaru, Ghostrider 6.66 will be finished soon. He's coming over with the new Hayabuse he built next weekend for the World Wheelie Event. The Black Prince made the first silly bike vid. He did ok on the first lap, but fucked himself on the second. Big crash on his GSXR1100 ended his filming career. And his life.
  7. Cheers guys, I'm debating whether or not to put a race pipe on it. I love the sound of them, but I'm also loving the ability to open it up without every copper hearing it when I give it some. Decisions, decisions........
  8. Saying hello and introducing yourself, generally gets you the kind of response you wanted. Steaming straight in with questions, generally doesn't.
  9. Battered

    Gay Test

    Erm, did you notice the bow first? LOL
  10. I didn't realise I was getting old till I was watching a porno yesterday and thought, "fuck me that sofa looks comfy"
  11. Just seen a fat bird wearing a t-shirt which says "I love Hip Hop" I think the 'C' and the 'S' have fallen off.
  12. Why did the Polish man cross the road? He took the chicken's job.
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