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  1. TT time,,,,, the wait is finally over

  2. Sorry for not replying, lost mi login details and whatnot, lol. Strong int arm, thick int 'ead, so they say bart us ere int tarn. upon stripping bike into bits realised now that i have a list as long as both mi arms for parts al need for project so am going down the old 'dunt put it back on if its reeeeeally not needed' route...... mmmmm Streetfighter it is then.
  3. Engine removed from frame and alt bits off ready for cleaning etc, decided to streetfighter it when rebuilding

  4. I think I said hello in the wrong section, so hello am Holty from Barnsley. Project: 88 Fzr400 3en1. Needs lots of work still dont av full itinary of whats needed yet, but will keep posted.
  5. Had to go check what i put when i joined, coz av bin pullin my hair art trawlin internet for info on how to get a bloody book type workshop manual, so askin a question was one of first things on my mind, sure motorbike clubs when i was little wernt as unfriendly towards "newbies". All mi Dads mates wud av took an hour out of time they dint have to help sumone less fortunate than themselves, eh whats happened to this world eh. so yeah ya probably turnin into a grumpy old bastard but dont worry am gonna be one of them in 20yrs, rubber darn metal up.
  6. well no joy wiv book type manual so ad to get it on a bllody cd.... mmmm yeah coz a want mi laptop covered in oil... never mind gunna tek forever this restoration, thats what am tellin er indoors anyway, garage time extended. job done

  7. Does anyone know if or where I can get a Manual for this project? but in book form. all i can find is it on cd and no downloads will work, dont wanna start project til i have manual. Trawled internet for two days now and no joy, starting to pull hair. Someone said its the same as the Fzr600, is this true? Holtaay
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