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  1. Hi I presume you are trying to get this road registered, your best bet would be to see if you can get an HPI check done on the frame number which in turn should give you the original reg number allowing you to apply for the logbook, I hope this helps.
  2. It has been quite an extensive rebuild so far still got a lot of work to do next up will be to paint and tidy the front end then onto the wiring lol, will be leaving the exhaust tail pipe on as whilst its not standard it is straight through and makes a very nice sound ;-) oh and the seat is actually a dt50mx seat cover stretched with some heat over the dt250mx seat base and foam lol I managed to get the cover for 12 quid which was a lot cheaper than paying 40-50 quid for a genuine one :-)
  3. To be fair its not been too bad I have just chilled and taken my time with it the hard part has been trying to find some of the parts but I have struck lucky on a few bits like the airbox which cost me a fiver and the wiring loom for 20 quid posted.Just got to source a set of clocks and switch gear next.
  4. cool will do have managed to log into my old photo bucket account and have uploaded these pics the first is how i got my dt tyhe second is how is looks now.
  5. right here goes I will try copying some of the pics below the first pic is as i got it the second is how it looks at the moment there is still some work to do.
  6. Hi All Thank you for the warm welcome I used to have a couple of dt 175 mx,s but due to money issues these had to be sold I now have a dt250mx which I am currently slowly restoring, I have posted in the restoration section however the bike I have was previously owned by another member on here and I just tagged onto her post, eventually I will start my own thread on it. Cupcake1973 I too am in Berkshire and slice glad to hear it lol also btw do you have an on site picture uploader or will I have to use something like photobucket?
  7. Hi All Thought I had best introduce myself on here and say Hello my name is Steve and I am currently the proud owner of a Yamaha DT250MX 1978 which I am in the very slow process of restoring (money and weather permitting)
  8. Hi All I just thought i would introduce myself on here, I bought the DT from Jayne around 6 to 9 months ago now and am in the very slow process of bringing the bike back to life.The good news is it runs and quite nicely but there are a lot of parts still to aquire and a lot of stripping and painting to be done.I will post pics but am not sure if this site has an inbuilt picture uploader if comeone could please point me in the right direction.
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